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Our DIY Transom Window Entryway Idea

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Our DIY Transom window in the entryway idea that I shared last month on Painting The Dining Room is becoming a reality!

In my last post I shared my inspiration for a transom window with no clue how to go about finding the window.

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that:

I SAID: Let’s go to the ReStore and look for a transom window for the entryway project….

HE SAID: The parking lot is empty…this does not look good.

Where we found a beautiful mini-french door with beveled glass.  My idea was to cut it down a few panes and use it horizontally for our DIY Transom Window on the top half of our entryway.

Here’s a little peek at our entryway mess in progress.  It’s nowhere near what we intend it to be yet, but it’s taking shape.

Our DIY Transom Window Entryway Idea This is the French door we found.  It’s actually too nice to repurpose into a Transom Window isn’t it?

HE doesn’t know it yet so keep it quiet.

I keep thinking about the mini-french door.  We saw a bunch of them in the back of the store not out on the floor yet.  I can’t get them out of my head and want to go back and buy them all.  This door was only $60.00 and a great deal instead of buying or special ordering a transom window.

What would you do with a few extra mini-french doors?

Repurpose french door into transom windowWe took out one of the window panes to cut it down to 3 panes.  I’m keeping the left over framed pane to turn into a picture frame.  I’m sure I can think of something to do with the single piece of beveled glass.

Cut bottom of door to fitCut a few inches off the bottom of the door to fit.

Fit window into groove we cutSlid it into a groove we cut.

Transom Window repurposed from french doorThis is Tim-Bob. Housekaboodle husband and major Mr. Handyman. To date, there is nothing he hasn’t figured out how-to do. I kinda like having him in my pocket at my beck and call.

DIY TRANSOM WINDOWThere she is.  You’d never know she was a french door in an earlier life would you?

Column for half wall entry and added top trimWe got the column up and attached to the window and added some trim to the top.

Building our entryway from scratch I already see how we are going to love the way the light streams through the beveled glass.

D.P. Interior WoodworksThis is our original inspiration to give you the idea of where we are headed. I had the thought to change the top to be a transom window. We still have the bottom half to build. Then paint the room. Paint the half-wall entryway. Add two lights and get a new front door.

That’s what Housekaboodle has been up to in the background.

What projects have you been busy with lately?

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Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope it was terrific!

Sue - Housekaboodle


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