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A Glitz and Glam Piano Transformation even Liberace would Envy

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I have a glitz and glam piano transformation that even Liberace would envy to show you. For a long time, I’ve wanted to paint our piano white or blue or any color to update it. I secretly hated it and wanted to get rid of it, but my daughter plays and loves that the piano is from her Grandmother and never wants to give it away.

Now that we are well into transforming our front room with a new entrance, wall colors and our newly painted table and chairs, the time to paint the piano was right.

As I was thinking about painting the piano white, Liberace and his shiny pianos came to mind. Then I thought about those shiny decorative mosaic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms that are so stunning and make me drool and thought..piano, Liberace, shiny tile. That’s how the idea for a glitz and glam piano was born.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think the piano would turn out as wonderful as it did. I am overwhelmed how beautiful it is now.


A glitz and glam piano transformation Liberace would envy with Fusion Mineral Paint - Housekaboodle


Piano Before - HousekaboodleI am mad as a hat I forgot to take a great before photo. This photo at least lets you see our typical wood piano.

The folks at Fusion Mineral Paint were kind enough to send me paint for my glitz and glam piano transformation.

Fusion Mineral Paint is one of the premier paints on the market today. My sister was so envious when she found out I was painting with Fusion as she does a lot of projects and Fusion is her top favorite. My friend Susie of The Chelsea Project painted a large shelf cabinet she uses in her kitchen with Fusion and said the paint is fantastic and takes a beating with no problems.

Fusion Mineral Paint is a “DIY paint formulated for expert results. With exceptional ease of application that is self-leveling, a built-in top coat and 31 gorgeous colors to choose from, you can tackle any project small or large, inside or out! You can even use Fusion Paint on your walls!”

Even though they sent me their paint to do my project, I am giving you my 100% own opinion.

Before painting, I washed the piano with Dirtex that thankfully does not need to be rinsed off. Then I lightly sanded and tacked off the residue. I admit this was a lot of work (labor of love) to say the least.

Piano Before: We took the piano apart for easier cleaning and painting - HousekaboodleWith the help of my husband, we took the piano apart to make it easier for me to clean and paint.

Piano painting stations - HousekaboodleThen set up different painting stations for the parts.

How to paint a piano - Take it apart and set up painting stations - Housekaboodle

fusion-mineral-paint-casement-whiteI choose Casement White that is a popular neutral color Fusion says goes with anything. The paint covered like a dream. I applied two coats and did three coats on a few pieces like the piano bench. I am in love with Fusion Mineral Paint!

Fusion Mineral Paint - this is Casement White I picked to paint our piano - Housekaboodle

How to lay out Glass Mosaic Tile to transform a piano - Housekaboodle

How to paint a piano and add decorative mosaic glass tile that even Liberace would envyAfter painting, we laid out the glass mosaic tile on the large pieces to see how it was going to fit.

SimpleMat peel and stick - HousekaboodleTo attach the tiles we discovered Simple Mat. It’s a peel and stick no mortar, no mess, no waiting between setting and grouting product.

Simplemat and Mosiaic Glass Tile - HousekaboodleWe cut the Simplemat to size for each area and laid out the Mosaic Glass Tiles. I found the glass mosaic tile and Simplemat at Home Depot.

How to use Simplemat to put glass tile on a piano- HousekaboodleHere’s an example of how we cut the Simplemat to size and then applied the glass tile in a pattern on the piano. Then we used a pre-mix white grout to finish the piano.

Piano with decorative mosaic tile and Fusion Paint in Casement White The most difficult area cutting the tile to fit was the horizontal arms of the piano. There were pieces that needed to be reduced by 1/8 inch. After cutting them, the edges were jagged. We ended up using the stone grinder attachment with our Dremel that polished the glass tiles perfectly.

Glitz and Glam Piano Transformation

Our glitz and glam piano transformation that even Liberace would love with Fusion Mineral Paint - Housekaboodle

Fusion Mineral Paint Casement White looks fantastic on my newly painted piano with Liberace bling with Mosaic Tile - Housekaboodle

Piano painted in Casement White with Fusion Mineral Paint - Housekaboodle


Glitz and Glam Piano Transfoirmation - painted-our-piano-casement-white-by-fusion-and-added-mosaic-tiles-for-liberace-bling-housekaboodle

Glitz and Glam Piano transformation with Casement White Fusion Mineral Paint and glass Mosaic Tiles - Housekaboodle

Glitz and Glam Piano transformation with Casement White Fusion Mineral Paint and glass Mosaic tiles - Housekaboodle

our-glitz-and-glam-piano-transformation-even-liberace-would-envy-with-fusion-mineral-paint-housekaboodleWhen I walk by I am astonished how beautiful the piano turned out. This project kicked our butts, but we had fun figuring out how to do it. I can’t express how much we love our piano now. It is the shine from the tiles that amazes me, especially on a sunny day, along with the beautiful Casement white paint.

If you’re inspired by my glitz and glam piano transformation or have any questions, I read and respond to all comments.

Thanks to the folks at Fusion Mineral Paint for sponsoring this post.

Thank you for making Housekaboodle part of your day.Sue - Housekaboodle
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  1. A prize for the eyes, I like that description. As for the tiling, we had a lot of tools in stock to cut and grout so that part was taken care of and Tim is better at measuring than me so he gets the credit for that. I design and am the boss and he does some of the work-LOL!!

  2. Thank you Susie. I did not think of it, but you’re so right that it is an heirloom now. Thank you for such a nice compliment on our piano.

  3. Thank you Heather for such nice praise. I am so excited about our piano now and when company arrives, they cannot believe it!

  4. Thank you so much Carolann. I am looking forward to decorating it for Christmas now. So much fun and we are so happy with the results.

  5. Wow Sue. This is a stunning transformation. Liberace would be jealous for sure! I love the tile work too. The color is perfection. Fusion paint is simply the best I agree. You really created a masterpiece here Sue. I am so in love with this piano. <3

  6. Sue this is stunning!! I am so glad you decided to keep the piano that has so many memories with it and give it this incredible makeover. The tile just puts it over the top great. Really a fantastic piece for your family to love for years to come! Great job

  7. Terrific job! You have created a one-of-a-kind heirloom for your daughter to enjoy and the grandchidren to cherish. All of your hard work was so worth it. Enjoy, my friend. Enjoy. Susie from Chelsea Project

  8. Sue this is gorgeous!!! I am jealous of your painting and tiling skills. The table and chairs is also a prize for the eyes. I saw that one on Hometalk too. Nice job!

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