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Lee Harvey Oswald House in Dallas Is $500,000

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Lee Harvey Oswald boarding house in Dallas, Texas is $500,00.  This is the first time the infamous boarding house is on the real estate market.  It will be 50 years ago this November 2013 when Lee Harvey Oswald was a tenant at 1026 N. Beckley Avenue Dallas, Texas.  He rented the 5-by-14 foot room during the week to work at a Texas School Book Depository and on the weekend went home to his wife in the suburb of Irving.

It is known Lee Harvey Oswald returned to his room 30 minutes after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, grabbed a jacket, and left in a hurry.  Then, 15 minutes later he gunned down Officer J.D. Tippit at 10th and Patton streets, less than a mile away from the boarding house. (He denied this)  The speculation why Oswald returned to the house is endless.  He said he was going to the movies.

Lee Harvey Oswald House in Dallas Is $500,000 Dallas News

The house had not been open to the public for viewing until 2009 when owner Patricia Puckett Hall who inherited the house from her grandmother, Gladys Johnson, opened the doors.  She began accepting donations for touring to help with renovation of the home.  But, Patricia had previously allowed Oliver Stone to film there for his 1991 JFK movie.  

Room Oswald rented in 1963 Dallas News

Lee Harvey Oswald rented the above room from October 14 through November 22, 1963 the fatal day of President Kennedy’s assassination.  The price to board at the time was $8 a week for his little sleeping area, and he had refrigerator and living room privileges.  Lee Harvey Oswald earned $1.25 an hour working at the Book Depository.

Per the Dallas Business Journal, – the house is 2,047 square feet and has been kept in perfect condition.  It still has original furnishings from 1963 after the assassination which comes with the sale of the famous house.  Built in 1930, the boarding house has nine bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an addition of a two-story structure with eight bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The owner, Patricia Puckett Hall, was 11 years old when Lee Harvey Oswald was renting the room in her grandmother’s boarding house and interacted with him.

The list price is $500,000, but appraised at $60,830, which seems low for this important piece of America’s history.  Patricia Pucket Hall hopes to sell her heritage home for near to the asking price for her retirement.

She just might get her asking price, as the infamous house made the  TopTenRealEstateDeals.com list which usually features famous pricey celebrity homes. Top Ten Real Estate Deals states Patricia Pucket Hall remembers Oswald ” kept to himself, had no visitors, only came out long enough to listen to the news and rarely play a little catch with her two brothers in the front yard. Her grandmother thought Oswald to be a good boarder as he was quiet, kept his room and the bathroom neat and paid his $8.00 a week rent on time. Something Patricia most particularly remembers is what Oswald said to her brothers after he broke up a fight between them: “. . and don’t ever do anything…that would harm another human being.” Two weeks later JFK was assassinated.”


The best-selling book Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly will debut as a movie via The National Geographic Channel this year for the 50 year anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.  Rob Lowe formerly of The West Wing and currently Parks and Recreation, (in case you somehow are lost in a crack in the earth and don’t know who he is) is cast as President John F. Kennedy.  Ginnifer Goodwin of Big Love will play the First Lady Jackie Kennedy.  Will Rothaar who starred in many films including “Jack Frost” and “Battle: Los Angeles”, will play Lee Harvey Oswald.  Some of the facts revealed in Killing Kennedy, a fact-based book, has never been publicly stated!!

What I think is Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate President Kennedy.  What do you think?

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“a slightly odd, young man named Lee Harvey Oswald was dating a researcher there named Dr. Mary Sherman….. who was found half dead with missing body parts after a mysterious man called the police…. Jeeze, did Marilyn Monroe know about this?….  So click over and read Hysterical Amnesia by Cheryl and then come back with your comments….Puleese!

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