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  1. Hi Jenny! I love mysteries too, especially when they just might be true like this one! I want the book Cheryl mentioned and the Killing Kennedy book now too.

  2. I’m surprised by the appraisal price of such a historical house. Now, WOW, is all I have to say on the other. This is a subject my husband would love to read about. We are both history buffs and have read many books and watched movies, documentaries on the assassination of JFK. I believe when I tell him about this book, he will want to read it. 🙂 Cheryl, wrote an amazing post. I like a good mystery as well.

  3. interest… maybe another cover up?

  4. It will interesting to see if it sells and to whom. Cheryl’s post is mesmerizing.

  5. I agree completely that he was most probably a patsy conveniently shut-up the hard way.

  6. I think it’s possible that he was set-up so as to LOOK like he killed Kennedy. He was an outsider, easily influenced, ran with oddballs, and could have easily been duped. We may never know. His time in New Orleans is full of strange associations and unexplained behavior. And thanks for the link-up!

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    That’s fascinating Sue – Cheryl’s post is also fascinating! What a piece of history they have for sale there in Dallas! It probably should be turned into a museum of sorts.

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