Beachfront Bungalow is Australian Island Paradise

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Beachfront Bungalow island paradise is on Long Island halfway between the mainland Australia and Hamilton Islands.  It’s up for auction with no reserve peeps.  If the only bid is $1 then it sells for $1.  No doubt it will sell for much more than $1 though.

Beachfront Bungalow is on Whitsunday Islands.  Imaging yourself to afford a lovely piece of paradise?  Now is your chance.  Got some extra cash for a getaway? The auction is at Coral Sea Resort at 6pm on November 18.  Stay in your Bungalow for 6 weeks out of the year and rent it out the rest of the year.  I’d be lucky to make it there once in a lifetime let alone six times a year.

No doubt someone will scoop this lovely up.  Let’s take a look at what one prime beachfront bungalows look like, in this case, in Whitsundays Australia.

Beachfront Bungalow is Australian Island Paradise


One bedroom, one bathroom and nothing but surrounded by beauty.  Who cares what it looks like inside, drop me off in the center of the sand and I’ll think about coming home someday, but not soon.  

Whitsunday Islands


I used to think about Australia all the time when I was younger.  I romanticized it.  I wanted to go on my Honeymoon to Australia, go to the outback, experience it all!  I read a lot of books about Australia and the fictional stories especially The Thorn Birds book and mini-series affected me in a big way.

13 Palm Bay St Airlie Beach Australia

Property observer

But, I never thought about actually living there.

13 Palm Bay St, Airlie Beach

property observer

A similar beachfront Bungalow is listed for $129,000.  What would you bid for this beachfront beauty given the cash flow and opportunity?

Beachfront Bungalow 13


Waterfront Bungalow for auction


It’s a bargain Beachfront Bungalow you can bet on.  I’d like to be at the auction to see how much it goes for.  $2 anybody?

For more details visit Ray White Whitsunday Real Estate and Property Observer

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