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  1. EstateBlock says:

    That’s a beautiful house. Houses like that are a great place for a big family to live.

  2. Movety Canada says:

    That’s a great house, multifunctional.

  3. You have charmed me forever with such a glowing report, thanks Heather.

  4. Wow!! The bakery is stunning .. but I fell in love with the wood floors in the kitchen. Something so rustic, charming and gorgeous about seeing all of the wood details! Love this one Sue .. what a great featured home. You never disappoint!

  5. This home takes my breath away. It has my dream spiral staircase with the hallway in front of the rooms looking over the living room. It has a nice country kitchen. The screened in porches are beautiful. I like that pool too!

  6. West Chester PA is about 1 and 45 mins from me. Maybe I’ll take a nice drive there someday and pop in for a cupcake 🙂 Lovely house. Very PAish in many ways. Love that kitchen wowzers!

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