Elegant White Kitchen Cabinets

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Elegant White Kitchen Cabinets

The white kitchen cabinets I am showing today are like a wedding cake on steroids.  

This kitchen and the cabinets are a piece of art design like no other.  I found these kitchen cabinets on Houzz where there are thousands of kitchens to look at, but these kitchen cabinets stand out from the crowd of white kitchens which is hard to do on Houzz.  Take your time looking around at the subtle, yet elegant details and see if you don’t think it’s a special kitchen too.

The most elegant white kitchen cabinets in stark white on white with contrasting dark floors is sensational.  And, I like that the sink cabinet bumps out further than the rest of the cabinets.  Feet on kitchen cabinets turn them into a piece of furniture.  “Bradford Designs creates custom cabinets to distinguish your home as uniquely special.”  They surely did “distinguish” this kitchen.  It’s like a wedding cake on steroids and I love it.  

elegant white kitchen cabinets
Bradford Design LLC
Marble countertops and backsplash and marvelous custom range hood, and then the gray knobs on the stovetop blend with the marble and are not just typical round knobs.
Surprising silver painted trim on elegant white kitchen cabinets. This kitchen is called French Vanilla
 Surprising silver painted trim on the white kitchen cabinets.  This kitchen is called French Vanilla, but could easily be named Silver Wedding Anniversary with all its glitz.  Note the glass knobs, well of course!
White Elegant Kitchen Cabinets
Bradford Design LLC
French Vanilla
Double chandeliers that look like beaded wedding cakes hanging from the ceiling, and wonderful moldings on the cabinets and fireplace.
Bradford Design LLC
Here are nice tall cabinets especially on the left.
Turquoise chairs and rug add lively color interest in a sitting room because this is kitchen elegance.  Great large kitchen island with moldings on the side of the island.  So what color is the kitchen really, it’s not just white, it has grey in the marble countertops and the silver paint trim.

I never used to like white kitchens cabinets, I just did not get it.  I’ve changed my mind over time and this kitchen is just one example of why.  Bradford Design LLC states most kitchen cabinets result in “look-a-like rooms.” This one is truly unique, white, and full of elegance. The most surprising feature:  Silver paint!

The most surprising feature: Silver paint!


All photos for the white kitchen cabinets:  Traditional Kitchen design by Dc Metro Kitchen And BathBradford Design LLC

Source: Houzz
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  1.  @sharongreenthal Ahhh, to be re-doing a room, that is wonderful, and of course adding aqua is one of my most favorite colors.  I would like to redo a room with aqua in it.  

  2. I love, love the silver trim. I am currently re-doing my living room and plan to add aqua as an accent, so the turquoise chairs really appeal to me.

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