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  1. There are photos of the caboose house that I did not include and wish I had. Thanks Heather

  2. Incredible! I love looking at older homes. This one is beautiful. The history behind makes it that much more intriguing. Love the caboose as a pool house … very creative. Thanks for the tour Sue!

  3. I bet a lot of fans still do drive-bys and take photos. I saw the house has a nice brick Private Property sign by the driveway.

  4. I know, so cool that it is a famous house in an iconic movie.

  5. You’re hysterical, I did not even think about the wallpaper. We just did a wallpaper removal project and it is very tedious. Nevermind that, this house has great bones and is world famous.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Thanks for the shout Sue! I love that movie so much – such a thrilling classic. And how neat would it be to own it!

  7. I love this old house wow o wow. I enjoyed this tour so much!

  8. I do declare I love this house. The woodwork throughout is stunning. It had me with that lovely front porch! I’ll bet that sells quite fast too. I love all of the detail in this home. What an exciting experience that had to have been for the home owners!

  9. Amazing home and that veranda what a dream. But all that wall paper omg I cant even imagine how much work it will be to get that off. Scarier then the movie lol.

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