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  1. I love the train in the back yard, I might like to keep that especially for little kids, OMG they would love it, but the animals would scare me at night for sure.

  2. Ok this house is so very charming & lovely… but but those dead animals would so have to go if it was my home lol! Great tour Sue 🙂

  3. Next stop …the backyard and I’m sure the owners are taking their trophies with them somewhere. When I met my husband, his families cabin had a Moose head in the loft area that said husband was proud trophy owner of and it now hangs proudly in a specialty shop in Wisconsin.

  4. Oh my! I saw lions, cougars, and bears. I do love the family room and the sun room a lot so that makes up for the critters. It would be nice to have a butlers pantry too. You also gotta love a house that comes with it’s own train, albeit kinda small and it doesn’t go very far.

  5. great house sue but the lions, and tigers and bears oh my lol

  6. Stunning home sans the taxidermy lol. I love that sunroom. Always wanted a house with one. Truly lovely!

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