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  1. Hi Carol, I was never so happy as to hear Cheryl agreed to share her lovely home with us and had to include the word Elegant in the title. Have the nicest weekend Carol.

  2. I’m one of cheryl’s fans and have seen a few random shots of her gorgeous house. What a treat to see so much of it here! Hang on, Cheryl, I’m comin’!

  3. It sure was! The construction is rock-solid and the details are the kind you just don’t see in homes too much anymore.

  4. Hahahaa. The ‘chairs’ are small Youth chairs. I use a decorating trick the Shakers always used to make space seem more organized- hang rung-back chairs on pegs!

  5. Thank you Vashti! The house is comfy but the architecture just builds-in the elegance. Sue was convincing. I haven’t put much about our home on-line, but Sue asked- and I always do what Sue says. Hahaaa

  6. Thanks for the visit and reply Erica. In the meantime, I get to enjoy all your clever DIY home improvement ideas, and I mean that sincerely.

  7. This house is AMAZING! Something to strive for… Eventually, I’ll be able to send you my house Sue!! It’s not ready yet though 🙁

  8. Cheryl’s a classy woman who also has an eye for decorating and did a lot of her own decor in her home too. There are so many little details that make her home cozy and yet elegant that we all need to take the tour two or three times to take it all in. Thanks for such a nice comment today Vashti.

  9. Hi Sue! Wow! Cheryl’s house is elegant and classy, but also comfy and cozy. That’s a difficult combination to have. Good for her. Loved the ebony stained pecan floors, the chandelier in the dinning room, the turquoise French doors, and so much more. I could go on and on. Thanks for convincing Cheryl to let us peek into her house. 😉

  10. Hi Jennifer and I am glad to see a new reader. A lot of readers loved seeing this elegant home especially liking the outside garden area too.

  11. Wow such a lovely home, I’d be afraid to sit anywhere. I found the chair on the wall a little odd, but I’m not used to seeing elegant homes. I absolutely love the outside!

  12. Hi Doreen, your words could not be more true on how the home was built when they knew how to design homes. I love it when my readers say what I think and forget to mention as the often put it so well like you do.

  13. Such an elegant and sophisticated home, filled with beautiful design touches and history to spare. This home was built when they knew how to build and design homes, and it shows.

  14. I have to agree about liking real people’s home more than celebrities. If you know anyone who would like to share their home send them my way please.

  15. Yes, I agree. I love seeing how other “real” people live and do up their homes compared to celebrities.

  16. Hi Anj – Of course you like the dark and light! I like how the color gives a rich and classy feel to everything.

  17. oh of coarse i first fell in love with her dark & light stairs but everything is stunning great tour thanks so much for sharing Sue

  18. I love Benjamin Moore colors and your blue doors. Our new color in the dining room is Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue.

  19. The ‘lamp post’ door is actually a large piece of display art I bought from a store going out of business. I had it cut-down to standard door size, reinforced in the interior, backed with finished-ply put hinges and magnetized closures on and hung it! We love it too!

  20. Thank you my rock-n-roll friend. Actually ALL of the exterior doors are painted that scrumptious color- Benj Moore Sea Glass, (I think?)

  21. Linda Roy says:

    Wow! I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just say that I love all of it. You have impeccable taste Cheryl. I love your aesthetic (my kitchen French door is turquoise too!) and how you remained true to the history and integrity of the house. Just lovely.

  22. Hi Cyndi, since you travel the world I consider you an expert at spotting treasure. I love the house and every single thing in it and am MAD for the garden and fountain too.

  23. I love that lamp post pained on the door…and that little garden off the bar room just says New Orleans to me…heck the whole house is a treasure! Thanks for the tour!

  24. That’s not too bad a price I think for such a beauty.

  25. No surprise that your home is classy cozy elegant vixen. Oh, if these walls could talk! What a lovely sharing. So happy I popped in. I’ll have a slice of that chocolate cake in the parlor when you’re ready.

  26. You’re so welcome. I wouldn’t have done it without Sue’s steady hand.

  27. It cost around $1000. And it had to be ordered Carolann.It was also professionally hung. I wasn’t taking ANY chances. hahaha

  28. Why THANK YOU. I grew-up on Shelter magazines and my mother was an Interior Decorator. The apple may have not fallen far from the tree. Ha!

  29. I was dreaming about the fountain and french doors last night….. “So many great ideas implemented so beautifully” is a perfect description Carol.

  30. Not sure I’ve ever seen a place with so many great ideas implemented so beautifully. I’m going to keep this open on my screen all day to have fun looking at them closely.

  31. Oh my goodness it’s stunning! I love lighting and that caught my eye right away! Was it off the hook expensive?

  32. I just checked out the ceiling at the hotel and it’s an explosion of rainbow colors and looked up Chihuly

  33. Thanks Cheryl for the lovely tour!

  34. Oh Cheryl I am in love with your home, it is so pretty and the history, wow!
    I have also fallen in love withbthis site. I love houses!

  35. The light ‘art sculpture’ in the bar is by a student of the world famous Chihuly (He created the ceiling in the Bellagio Casino hotel in Las Vegas). It’s sooooo beautiful. Thank you Carolann!

  36. That view is only a partial shot of the ‘back’ courtyard- the private space. We also have a ‘front’ courtyard where I have the gardens. Very public and starts a lot of conversation with people walking by. Love you TOO Sarah!

  37. Thank you Crystal and I am very glad you are enjoying the series.

  38. A fairytale garden describes her fountain perfectly Sarah. I was looking online at fountains and nothing compares.

  39. Thanks for noticing, the light in the bar room really is delightful…so much to see here that is wonderful.

  40. This is a gorgeous house. There are many aspects of it that I love. I am really fond of that kitchen and bathroom. I am enjoying seeing homes that belong to fellow bloggers.

  41. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Cheryl has fabulous taste! Love that gal! I also am mesmerized by all her antique pieces and that garden is just a fairytale!

  42. Gosh yes Carol, the french doors to the bedrooms and the upstairs hallway look like you’re arriving at a hotel.

  43. I love her little garden area and the bathroom is beautiful. With so much history, the beauty of the house is even more meaningful. I love that light fixture in the bar room too. Another great Happy Tour Sue. What fun! Thank for you allowing us into her home. Truly a beauty!

  44. What I love the most is all the great windows and doors.

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