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  1. Hi Valentina! Thanks so much for saying this about the Fermilab community. It is heartening to hear an insiders view and I am happy to hear you and your family had one of the best experiences of your lives there.

  2. Valentina says:

    Hi. I found your blog while looking for some science pics. We lived at Fermilab village for one year. My husband is a physicist and he collaborates with some Fermilab research group. We bring our two kids, 1 and 4 yrs old by then. As a family, was one of the best experiences of our life. The village never was a lonely place, au contraire, was full of kids, and generous people. No matter the language, we always feel welcome.

  3. Oh Giggle Amy – that is so funny! I should have called you first before I did the post. Your welcome for the memories too. Maybe share it with Heather and Timmy too.

  4. HA!! I loved seeing all that again and getting your take on it all. We use to go in there all the time and get into trouble. They always let us go back in though and we always had fun make believeing what they did. I dont think I even really knew. I of course have been in the super collider building. Talked to the secuirty gaurd a few times trying to see if we could get a tour and know what they did. We were curious kids. I’ve heard some werid stuff about the place to. What fun, thanks for the flashback!

  5. Glad you think the houses are not quite right too Sarah. They are probably just very low budget government funded shelters, but I find them to be freaky.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    That’s fascinating Sue! I never knew such a place existed. I actually like the bright colors of the houses, but I agree they feel unnerving for some reason. Lack of personal effects? Maybe there are mutant ninja people who they keep in those houses? 🙂

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