Mid Century Modern House

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Mid Century Modern House in Houston, Texas is a great deal for the fastest buyer. Designed by famous architect Lucian Hood who has constructed homes all over the country.

This is a splendid mid century modern house to see.  I’ve done a few before like the one from the TV Show Enlightened and the one-of-a-kind mid-century modern home near Chicago that was on the market.

Anyone living in the Houston area that is a mid century modern buff would be crazy not to scoop up this prominently designed home.  It’s all fixed up and ready to go with the exception of a few improvements still needed.

We are just lookie-looking today.  I like to show unique and vintage type homes like Victorian houses, Bungalows, and Mid Century Modern.  I am guessing this house was designed in the 1950s when this house style was so popular and sure enough, Zillow shows it was built in 1958.

Mid Century Modern House

This kind of mid-century modern house is easy to recognize with its low slanting roof line and rectangular windows.

Back in the 50s, the mid-century modern house emphasis was on open floor plans, lots of windows, bringing the outside in, walls of glass, and the needs of the family. Sounds like today’s homes to me.

9307 McAvory Dr Houston TX

Brick interior walls were popular.  I think of the famous Dick Van Dyke TV house that had an inside brick wall.

Liv rm 9307 McAvory Dr Houston TX

This is the same room as above from an opposite view.

Study 9307 McAvory Dr Houston TX

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors give a peek at the pool.  Cool seems not enough to describe how the home has mid-century modern furniture too.  I’ll take this turquoise couch to lounge upon.

Kitchen 9307 McAvory Dr Houston TX for sale

I would update the cabinets, but the backsplash tile is original and pretty hip! Plus, the double oven is original.

Guest bathroom 9307 McAvoy Houston TX

The cute guest bathroom with vintage tile too smacks the 1950s era.

Dining area 9307 McAvory Dr Houston TX for sale

The dining area with Jetson’s table and chairs and a vintage light fixture hanging over the table.

In ground pool 9307 McAvory Dr Houston TX house

Whimsical kidney-shaped in-ground pool to top it off for backyard fun and entertaining.

The property originally belonged to one of the founders of Humble Oil Co later consolidated into Standard Oil and now Exxon.

So not only is this a great mid century deal to scoop up, but it’s filled with 50s furniture to dig.  Priced for a steal at $225,000 with three bedrooms and two baths on 1,893 square feet of living space.

Photos courtesy Zillow, Slang

Photos and some source info Houston Culture Map where you can see more of this Mid Century Modern house for sale.

I sprinkled some 1950s slang in above and here are some more terms used back then and what they meant.

Fake Out – A bad date.

Ankle-biter – A child.

Back seat bingo – Necking in a car.

Bread – Money.

Cat – A hip person.

Circled – Married.

Cube – A normal person.

Duck Butt or D.A. – Hairstyle of greasers where hair in the back is combed to the middle, then with end of comb, make a middle part.

Frosted – Angry.

Made in the shade – Success guaranteed.

Nest – A harido.

Spaz – Someone who is uncoordinated. A clutz.

Wazoo – Your rear end.

What’s your tale, nightingale – What’s the story?

On that note, I will let you go and hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and the mid century modern house.

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