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  1. I always enjoy your comments and happy to know how much you like Spanish style.

  2. Oooollllaaaa!!! I am in love! Of course I have a fondness for California Spanish Style. I grew up near a Mission. Which I loved to visit often, besides the beach.

  3. That is such an interesting house story Candy. I remember the Ponderosa too of course and dreamed of living there too. Here’s to you hitting the jackpot!

  4. I have been in love with big old Spanish style ranch houses ever since my first look at the Ponderosa on the old Bonanza TV program. I have always wanted a court yard and back in the day when I had daydreams of building a home I would design houses styled like this one with a courtyard (but much smaller). If I win the lotto I will be contact about this one…. Candy

  5. So happy to hear from you Becca. The pathway on the property leading to the pool seems to be one of the most popular aspects of this Spanish style ranch.

  6. Wish we could see what the new owners will do with this. I hope they keep the property with the path down to the pool.

  7. You often think of things I wish I had said Anj, thanks for your daily comments on my blog that I look forward to.

  8. this house just screams out door parties to me, or a family reunion would be awesome there lol thanks for sharing Sue luff it

  9. This is another beautiful house. I like that bathroom. If it had a bigger bath tub it would be perfect for sure.

  10. I’ll take the pool too and might add a pool house or cabana. Love your comments.

  11. That’s two for two that want the bathroom remodeled.

  12. I agree with Carolann. The bathroom doesn’t “fit” the house is gorgeous. My favorite part is the landscaping down to the pool. I could spend my days down there for sure!

  13. The landscape is stunning. I am in love with that fountain out back!!! That bathroom has to go though lol. The rest of the place is stunning! Great find!

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