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  1. I’m sorry Lori, they don’t have any information on the fabrics. I know what it is like to be crazy for a design and not know where to get it. That means you know what you want and why. I bet you could print out the photo and take it to the store and find something comparable. Have a nice rest of the week.

  2. Please, please, PLEASE tell me what the upholstery is on the family room chairs (with the coral table). Must have it!!!

  3. Glad you found this post from the past that I love too, especially the apron sink and frosted pantry doors.

  4. I backlinked to this post and I’m so glad I did. OMG! Where do I begin? The windows, the doors, the cabinets, the frosted glass pantry???? No wait- the kitchen apron sink. No- the flat banisters. The house sign? It’s all gorgeous! I wouldn’t change a thing- except who’s on the title- ME!!!!

  5. I know how much you love old homes Sarah. It was a nice door too. I am thinking contractor stalking could be a series to do.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    It is beautiful and light and bright as you pointed out. But…. ooooooh how I wish these contractors would keep more of the original features – like that old front door! I hope it was sold for salvage rather than ending up in the landfill!!

  7. I like the house, the location, and the casual beach style decorating, and the builders/renovators of this Riptide house.

  8. I could move right in here. I love everything about it – the colors, the light, the decor – it’s practically perfect.

  9. I like how the decorating is casual for beach living too. It had not occurred to me how the windows would be battered by the salt air, so thanks for adding that. I am coming over to see you now.

  10. One of my very favorite house styles and it just fits beach living. One of my friends has a very similar house sitting right on the ocean a few lanes over from me. I envy her morning view. But, I don’t envy her window washing from the salt air. She can afford to pay someone to keep them clean for her.

    thanks for sharing this beautiful home.

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