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Tiny House Cottage Is A Gardeners Delight

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Tiny House Cottage 

Tiny house is a dream cottage, gardeners delight located in a private community called Discovery Bay Resort on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  The tiny house is 400 square feet including solid wood interior panel doors, tile back splash in the kitchen (yes, there is a kitchen in the 400 square feet), one bedroom, bathroom with tub and shower, two sky lights, deck and is beautifully landscaped and perfect for gardeners!  The tiny house cottage is bordered by a forest on one side and evergreens for privacy on the other, as seen below.

This little gem on a lovely double lot comes with amenities including a shed, workout room, swimming pool and much more.  It can be yours for a budget-friendly asking price of $79,000.  The owner, Suzanne, is retired and joyfully landscaped the property herself.  She is selling her home to move closer to family and hopes new owners “will love her home as she has.”

Tiny House Cottage is a Gardeners Delight Suzanne says her “landscaping is unusual” because most other owners in the park are retired and don’t want to do the work or are seasonal residents.  Time to tour the Tiny House Gardeners Delight.

Tiny House Listing cottage for saleI admire the low maintenance ground cover surrounding the patio stones perfectly spaced in a random pattern and two user-friendly trees for the hammock.

Tiny House for sale

Living room in small cottageFor a tiny cottage, there are a lot of windows.

Tiny House kitchenCutest little kitchen perfect for one or two shows the skylight above.  I have plenty of days the size of this tiny cottage would be just right on cleaning day.

Bedroom in tiny cottageHandy, extra storage above the bed.

Tiny house dining area

Tiny House Olympic Peninsula Washington viewsThe cottage is in Gardiner, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  See the cottage on Tiny House Listings here for more information or to contact Suzanne, the owner.

UPDATE July 2013: Asking price reduction $59,900

UPDATE: August 2013: This tiny cottage has just sold.

Tiny houses are more than a teensy bit popular.  You have no doubt heard of  Tumbleweed Tiny House with their smaller than small houses you can have built by them or go to their seminar and learn how to build a tiny house yourself.  You may remember the post I did on them called Small Space Living

Tumbleweed Tiny House the ZinnTumbleweed Tiny House the Zinn model is 99 square feet.

Backyard sheds are not just for storing the lawn mower and tools anymore either.  Shed companies have jumped on the tiny house band wagon too and offer small livable spaces like home studios, hobby rooms, and workshops for the backyard or full-fledged little guest houses as seen on my Converting Sheds into Livable Space – Miniature Homes and Spaces.

Summerwood company Cabin modelSummerwood Products designs outdoor structures.  This is their Cabin style tiny house.

Thank you for visiting and touring the petite gardeners delight cottage for sale.  Have a miniature, pint-sized, delightful day.

Visit Tiny house list on Housekaboodle for more.

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  1. Good Morning, Sue.Well I have very good news. I accepted an offer on my tiny Dream Cottage two days ago. I am thrilled that the buyer is a gardener. It\’s not easy to control those things 🙂 Thank you for the exposure here on your wonderful Blog. Although the buyer came by word-of-mouth, I\’m a firm believer that putting the energy out in the world, which I did a lot of, puts that intent out there and eventually someone will connect with it. I love my new place. It is small also. 700sf. It\’s difficult to find this size and I snapped it up. I can\’t get good photos of it like my Dream Cottage so trust me, it is a real jewel.I want to tell others who are looking for a tiny home for seasonal or permanent living that there are more sweet ones available in our women\’s community here in Sequim, WA. I have posted information on the community at the Blog site above. It was one of the sales tools I developed, inspired by your blog. Thank you again for all your appreciation for my little home. Blessings, Suzanne

  2. Who is the agent and would you happen to have his number? We love and want to put in an offer!!

  3. Hi to Orlando. After this post, the owner Suzanne had a call from Ladies Home Journal and they also featured her home. I like your saying…It’s All About Curb Appeal

  4. Sue – this landscape and garden is so different from what we see here in Florida – but its so inspiring to see how homes everywhere make the most of the garden and outdoor spaces. Thanks for the lovely post and terrific pictures.

  5. Nice, glad your getting help and I would love a getaway like this cute little house. Take care.

  6. It is well designed for a 400 square foot house. The yard is wonderful. It would make the perfect getaway for one tired momma right now. Glad we got to chat today. Not making the change quite yet. Got some great advice thanks to Facebook.

  7. Ha, good one. It doesn’t rain that much where this house is though. I am coming over to see you next post.

  8. With two kids you need more than 900 square feet of course. I hope you sell your house soon Sarah.

  9. This is so cool that you two were looking at Tumbleweed houses. Some of them have wheels so you can take em to go.

  10. We are eerily connected- Ben and I are actually looking at Tumbleweed Tiny House plans- for a get-away place. This tiny house is such inspiration. Wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country!

  11. Sarah,
    I had lizard skin in CO too and it was hard on my contact lens, but good for my hairdo! So I too appreciate the moisture here but it’s surprisingly not humid, nothing like growing up in OH or on Maui. I never could quite figure this out. Anyway, the older I get, the more my skin says,”Thank you.” Suzanne

  12. Suzanne, I sued to live in the Pacific Northwest and I sure miss the moisture! My skin was always nice and moist. Now I am always crackling dry (in Colorado!)

  13. So cute and sooooooo tiny! My next house will definitely be smaller than the one I have now because I am sick of cleaning such a big space. But I don’t know that I could go much under 900 square feet with 2 kids!

    This cottage is so cute and the space is used so effectively.

  14. Climate Report: No, it doesn’t rain everyday here, but the skies are often overcast. We get significantly less rain than Seattle which is 2 1/2 hrs away. I grew up in the Midwest, now that was RAIN. We get mostly drizzle here. It makes those “sun breaks” all the more glorious. It is cool weather for those that like that and it’s a lot less buggy than anyplace else I’ve lived.(Maui, Ohio, Colorado, California) You can actually veg out in the hammock for hours without a single bug visit, just birdies singing. Very close to paradise for me.

  15. I showed my husband the cute house for so little money and his comment was, “and it rains every day there.” It is so lush and green for a reason.

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