House and Hotel with a Glass Bottom Rooftop Pool

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Glass bottom Rooftop Pool

A four-level luxury beach house with a rooftop pool and a Holiday Inn Hotel with a rooftop pool. Both have a dramatic glass-bottom rooftop pool.  The house with the glass-bottom rooftop pool is in Marina Del Rey, California.  It is a place to bring your family and friends and have it all along with the unique rooftop pool.  This beach house for sale might be for you if you would like to watch your guest swim above you while you sit in your living room.

Holiday Inn in China has a “death-defying” glass bottom rooftop pool at the “deep end that extends longer than the rest of the building.”  Specifically, this is the Holiday Inn Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao where the rooftop pool is located on the 24th floor.  If you are the dare-devil type looking for the ultimate swimming experience, this Holiday Inn in China is the place to stay.

House and Hotel with a Glass Bottom Rooftop PoolZillow

Looking down into the house you can actually see the couch through the glass bottom rooftop pool.  As seen, there are multiple windows at the bottom of the rooftop pool stretching across that are visible in the family room area from inside the house. 
House and Hotel with a Glass Bottom Rooftop Pool
ZillowA room with a view takes on new meaning.  There is nowhere to hide or it’s THE place to be seen in all your glory, you decide.

House and Hotel with a Glass Bottom Rooftop Pool


This one-of-a-kind house also has a 10,000-gallon shark tank.  The Marina Del Rey, California house is listed for $6,977,000.  You can click here to view the many amenities of this most unusual house to call home.  Now onto another glass bottom rooftop pool.

House and Hotel with a Glass Bottom Rooftop PoolPhoto via Hotel Chatter

The China Holiday Inn dramatic, dare-devil, glass-bottom rooftop pool design allows the swimmer to glance down 24 floors and the world to watch you from below.

Both of these rooftop pools give me a bit of a creepy-deep feeling but are way-to-cool to be true and must-see architectural designs.  Wanna go swimming?

Sources: Hotel Chatter and Zillow

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  1. Oh giggle, I appreciate that you think it is freaky too Sarah. No breaking windows allowed.

  2. The see-through roof-top pool is about the freakiest thing I ever did see!!! My gosh, what if one of those glass windows was broken??? It would be catastrophic for that house! And it is a really cool house!

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