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  1. I am so happy to hear that this tiny house does indeed scream Massachusetts home Heather. If you know of an area in Massachusetts for houses I should keep an eye on, let me know please.

  2. As a Massachusetts girl myself, this tiny house just screams home to me! It is absolutely picture perfect! I love the beachy charm that it has. So lovely!

  3. It’s like a shabby chic dollhouse. Your RV might be bigger than this cottage.

  4. It is a great price and there were a few more in the area priced like this one. Thanks for running away with me.

  5. That gave me a giggle Cyndi that shopping would fill it up in a snap.

  6. Love that word…dumpling! lol

    It’s ADORABLE, and sooooo close to the beach, I’m not surprised the sale is pending already.

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    It’s adorable! Let’s run away and buy the cottage Sue! The price is right 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh Sue you are right! This house is a little dumpling! I just love it. How nice to wake up and be so close to the beach like that. OK, so I’ll buy it and leave the hubby here..he can come for weekend visits though lol. Awesome find. Charming!

  9. Tiny yet full of charm. Thanks for the wonderful peek inside.

  10. It is as cute as a button – however – if you spent all your time shopping you’d fill it up in a snap…haha.

  11. If anyone knows a good walk to the beach, it is you Carol. If your home was for sale it would probably sell in one day it is so incredibly wonderful.

  12. I thought it was adorable and then I saw that walk to the beach.


    So little to clean … more time on the beach!

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