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  1. Thanks for the comment that enabled me revisit this little gem again.

  2. your right she should mentor lohan oh well people have to want to help themselves thanks so much for the great tour its a stunning home

  3. Cribs? Now I have to find this show and see it Maude. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hi Sue, Business is not bad right now:) Have you ever seen that show on MTV called “Cribs”? It features some of the most hideous houses I’ve ever seen in my life. They look like sterile operating rooms. Give me a spooky old Victorian house anytime:)

  5. Hi Maude, how are the Doggie Bows doing? I agree about mod homes looking cold and uninviting and Drew Barrymore is becoming a class-act. Oh poor Lohan and her troubles. I really liked her as an actress.

  6. That is a gorgeous house. So many of the celebrity houses that I see in California are so ultra-mod that they look cold and uninviting. I wonder how far Oprah lives from her? Regarding Lohan, you can’t really be surprised by her behavior because her parents seem just as screwed up as she is; very sad.

  7. She’s all grown up, a bit quirky, but full of bubbles and happiness.

  8. I like this house, and it’s simplicity. Which is surprising to me at how simple it is for someone like her. I always thought she was a tad wilder than what her home appears to be. Shows that I should never judge a book by it’s cover.

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