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  1. Hi Carolann. I am coming over to see you soon. I love your Instagram feed so much.

  2. Wow!

    It is definitely too big for one person, but it is awesome.

  3. This is gorgeous. I really liked these beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the post.

  4. Oh the grounds, I know, I was speechless when I saw the beautiful property. Have the nicest holiday weekend Doreen.

  5. You make an obvious point on being green with envy that I and a lot of readers think too. I especially love this celebrity house.

  6. It’s amazing she has that much land in the hamptons! That alone is worth the asking price :).

  7. Wow, what a beautiful house! I love the pool area and grounds. The lighting in her living room is so unique. I’ve always wanted a greenhouse…I’m green with envy over it!

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