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9 Storybook Cottage Homes for Enchanted Living

Storybook Cottage Homes Here are 9 Storybook Cottage Homes for your enchantment today. First of all, cottages are so popular. Then to be a storybook cottage, well that takes cottage into fairytale living. Today I picked out some of the sweetest storybook cottage homes I could find for you from …

English Country Cottage – The Thatch Cottage

English country cottage is a charming British accommodation in the United Kingdom for a holiday.  I know most of my dear readers are probably not headed to England for a vacation, but something we don’t have here in the states is thatched roof cottages. This English country cottage featured on …

Modern Storybook Country Cottage Lake House

Storybook Country Cottage A modern storybook country cottage lake house in Wisconsin designed to look like it is from another time.  On Houzz it is Pawaukee Lake House by Degnan Design Builders who used “old techniques to create textures that just can’t be replicated with modern methods” like thatched roof cottages. 

Irish Thatched Roof Cottages

Thatched roof cottages for St. Patrick’s Day.  I found a small rural Irish cottage with a red door, red window trim, and re-thatched roof for sale along with other thatched roof cottages in Ireland.  

An English Cottage Called Gingerbread House

A wonderful English cottage called Gingerbread House with thatched roof and hexagonal shape was originally built in c1800 as a gardener’s home.  I guess gardener’s had it goin-on house-wise for themselves back in the 1800s.   The Gingerbread House cottage is in the small town of llminster, at the heart of …