Irish Thatched Roof Cottages

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Thatched roof cottages for St. Patrick’s Day.  I found a small rural Irish cottage with a red door, red window trim, and re-thatched roof for sale along with other thatched roof cottages in Ireland.  

Thatching in Ireland has been around for centuries.  It is said that staying in thatched roof cottages is popular while on Holiday in Ireland to get a feel for historic thatched roof living.

Thatching is a craft passed down from generation to generation.  Traditional vegetation used in thatching is wheat straw, reeds, sedges, heathers or whatever is grown locally.  You might think fires are a natural hazard for thatched roofs, but the roofs burn slowly like a closed book and fires are mostly due to wood burners or faulty chimneys with poorly inserted flues. 

Rivendell cottage with its red door is for sale in Currabinny, Co. Cork Ireland for €155,000 which is $200,855 in US dollars.  The house has views over the outer Cork Harbour.  

Thatched roof Cottages in Ireland

The listing shows no address but has a lot of directions including details like….”turn left at the roundabout by the Church”….. “going around a few windy bends and the property is located on the right hand side at the left hand bend.”  If you’re a local, you get it, but I would need to put my Nancy Drew hat on to get there.

Rivendell cottage dining room

Thatched roof cottage interior

The living room listing details are a solid fuel stove combined with traditional stone surround with back boiler and solid pine floor.  

kitchen with Belfast sink

Kitchen sink is described as having a Belfast sink which is an apron sink or butler’s sink.   Otherwise, this cozy cottage has two bedrooms and one bathroom not shown here.  On with the show of more Irish thatched roof cottages.  


irish-thatched-roof-cottages per-colorado-sands

A Fun Irish Drinking Toast:

May your glass be ever full. 
May the roof over your head be always strong. 
And may you be in heaven 
half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.


For more details on the Rivendell cottage listing in Ireland see 

Sources: Ballybegvillage, Yahoo and as indicated for other thatched roof cottages.

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