9 Storybook Cottage Homes for Enchanted Living

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Storybook Cottage Homes

Here are 9 Storybook Cottage Homes for your enchantment today. First of all, cottages are so popular. Then to be a storybook cottage, well that takes cottage into fairytale living. Today I picked out some of the sweetest storybook cottage homes I could find for you from Houzz.

Storybook cottage homes are relaxing with less structure. They want to be cute and seem to spring out of a childhood book and come to life.  They bring to mind Disney and Nursery Rhymes and that is a nice feeling to have in your home.

There is a lot of whimsy and old-world style with storybook cottage homes.

Snow white and the seven drawfs-type house.

Storybook Cottage Homes
Storybook cottage homes often have heavily thatched roofs and eyebrow dormers.

Of courtyards and gardens. Storybook gates. I imagine this leads to a secret fairy tale garden where children are laughing and playing and parents are having a tea party.

Storybook Cottage Homes

Flared roofline with whimsical keyhole window and unstructured stone makes this a dreamy storybook cottage.

Storybook Cottage Home with eyebrow dorner

This house was transformed into a storybook cottage when the attic was converted to a bedroom with an eyebrow window dormer.

I hope Hansel and Gretel stay away from this storybook style cottage kitchen.

FRENCH COUNTRY with flared rooflines, little shuttered windows and window boxes.

The most unusual purple door

Storybook-style home looks almost like a whole fairytale village!

Bavarian Cottage with old cottage stone and colorful wood shutters has a secret inside………

A wonderful Old World Bavarian kitchen!

Some storybook cottage homes didn’t start out that way. Check out this before and after.

Storybook Cottage Homes
9 Storybook Cottage Homes for Enchanted Living
After is enchanting in pink with a kingdom entrance door and ivy growing up the turret.

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Bee Cottage

Sue - Housekaboodle

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