English Country Cottage – The Thatch Cottage

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English country cottage is a charming British accommodation in the United Kingdom for a holiday.  I know most of my dear readers are probably not headed to England for a vacation, but something we don’t have here in the states is thatched-roof cottages.

Described as a truly charming English country cottage, cozy, and comfortable, and set in a quiet hamlet.  We don’t have hamlets in the states either, we have unincorporated settlements or neighborhoods in a city or village.

After this long winter, it’s nice to look at a getaway, even if it’s a cottage across the ocean.

The thatched roof on the cottage is what drew me in.  Low-beamed ceilings with an old fireplace have all the markings of a historic cottage, but I find no circa dates.

Rave reviews from customers call it a storybook cottage with a lovely garden to enjoy drinking tea.

English Country Cottage - The Thatch Cottage

I’ve never seen a thatched roof cottage with my own eyes.  It’s a centuries-old craft passed down from generation to generation.

Usually made with wheat straw, reeds, sedges, heather or any locally grown vegetation.

This thatched roof looks impeccable.

Living area The Thatch Cottage
Dining area The Thatch Cottage
Bedroom The Thatch Cottge
The Thatch Cottage rear
The Thatch Cottage garden
The Thatch Cottage hamlet

This must be the quiet hamlet.  Details list the English country cottage in South Perherwin, nr. Launceston.

Launceston Castle

The most famous place to see is Launceston, an ancient castle built in ca 1070 that overlooks the town.

Ancient castles are something else we don’t have here in the states, so there is every reason to stay in an English country thatched roof cottage in England if you’ve planned to travel there.

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