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  1. I am so tickled to know about raining cats and dogs thanks to Carol too.

  2. wow looks very relaxing and thanks to carol you learn something new every day lol

  3. This is the best info about the raining cats and dogs. I thought you were going to say the cats and dogs would pee from the rafters…that was a close one.

  4. What a sweet cottage and a picturesque spot for a vacation.

    We have friends in Cornwall who keep asking us to visit them since they have come to stay with us twice. They live in a 600 year old cottage.

    The term “raining cats and dogs” comes from thatched roofs. The dogs and cats would sleep up in the ceiling tucked into the thatch and when it rained really hard, the dogs and cats would fall from the roof. In a light rain, the animals wouldn’t fall out.

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