An English Cottage Called Gingerbread House


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A wonderful English cottage called Gingerbread House with thatched roof and hexagonal shape was originally built in c1800 as a gardener’s home.  I guess gardener’s had it goin-on house-wise for themselves back in the 1800s.   The Gingerbread House cottage is in the small town of llminster, at the heart of Hamstone country, England.  It’s available to rent for vacation as we say in the United States, but as they say in England is available for “Holiday.”

Some of the English cottage attributes are leaded Gothic windows, pine-shuttered.  Studded front door, a little hall, and steep, curved stairs with a rope railing that regrettably is not shown.  The front door shape resembles a church entrance door and if the Gothic windows were stained-glass it could easily be confused to be a  church.  A hexagon-shaped cottage called Gingerbread House with a thatched roof is not common here in the United States like it is in England, so let’s have a look-see.

An English Cottage Called Gingerbread House

An English Cottage Called Gingerbread House

English country-side cottage called Gingerbread House

English Cottage called Gingerbread House windowsThe historic Gothic leaded-glass windows and door. 

English Cottage kitchen

Kitchen is small as would be expected in an older cottage, not much cottage charm going on here though.  I often think to myself that kitchen design in other countries is so very different from here in the states.

An English Cottage Called Gingerbread House Exterior view of the cottage shows the old stone work and simple columns on this uniquely shaped hexagon cottage that was originally some lucky gardener’s cottage to call home.

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