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  1. Dark cabinets like a walnut with white counter tops would be stunning. You have good taste.

  2. i don’t see a comment on the color of brown cabinets. Although I love yellow, I feel very comfortable in dark walnut cabinets and a super white or white flecked counter top.

  3. Ha, Hysterical comment Tim. I choose that you are HAPPY like Sunshine and have no problems especially since you like more than one colored kitchen!

  4. I sure like your web page. I was looking at all these kitchens and I like Robin egg, I like the yellow, I like the green. I think it would be great to change the kitchen colors, like you rearrange your great room furniture. Does that mean I have a lot of problems,…. I am generous, and HAPPY like Sunshine, etc …. LOL

  5. House Crazy Sarah I do think the green is calming.  Thank you for Rockin-it and making great comments.  You are generous, charming, intelligent, and full of sunshine.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I can’t stop looking at the green, cream/white country kitchen with open shelves! beautiful! I have to pin it!

  7. Great comment by Sharon, as always.  Yes, as for myself, I like the look of the black cabinets a lot, but to chose them for my kitchen cabinet color probably would not happen.  I also the cream colored cabinets and otherwise, I could really go for an island in a color and the rest of the cabinets wood, cream, or white.  Have a Happy Day!

  8. I generally don’t like black cabinets, but with the light and bright walls and the lit upper cabinets, these look nice. I would choose cream – white is a litte to “white” for me, and cream is a great basic to accessorize. If I had a second home, I’d go with one of the colors to indulge my love of color overall – most likely green or blue. Great post!

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