Three Little Pigs Houses

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Three Little Pigs Houses

Three tiny houses constructed to look like The Three Little Pigs storybook houses were on the side of a road in Xenia, Ohio. One built of straw, one made of sticks and the one with the window is made of bricks. 

The site of the Three Little Pigs houses has a back story. Apparently, a truck with some 2,000 plus piglets in it crashed at this spot. Sadly many of the piglets died as a result of the crash and some may still be on the loose.

But why remove these real-life Three Little Pigs houses? Apparently, they were causing a huge distraction for drivers. People were pulling over and posing with the OMG- I don’t believe it houses; causing traffic jams.

Three Little Pigs HousesI am happy we got to see them before the Big Bad Wolf got in a huff and removed them.

Source: myFoxla

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Another KIND OF real-life storybook house is Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop House

Where Beatrix Potter lived

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  1. I never forget about Hilltop cottage and peter rabbit; guess it is the kid in me. So happy to hear you’re in Porch now. It’s crazy it took so long for you to get into Porch though. Don’t they know your famous and marvelous and all kind of important?!

  2. Oh I would adore to see that movie. I just looked it up and it may be the movie called Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger. My cup of tea.

  3. Those 3 little houses are really adorable, but they kind of lose their oomph when you scroll down and see that amazing hilltop cottage! I dream of a cottage just like that!
    Sidenote: I finally was accepted into the Porch Bloggers group! Now I’ve got my eye on! xoxo

  4. I’d want to stop and take a photo or at least slow the car down and snap a photo. No wonder they had to remove the houses.

  5. I would totally have to stop to take a picture with these adorable houses. It would be like living the fairy tale.

  6. Sooo sad about the little pigs and intriguing that somebodys built these detailed three little pigs houses. I can see why there were traffic jams.

  7. Wow, that’s nuts! I do feel so badly for the pigs though. It’s a very cute concept and I’m sure kids would love seeing it! That was and is one of my favorite fairy tales!

  8. This is a sad, but an interesting story all at the same time. Those houses are adorable. I can see why they caused a lot of distraction because the Three Little Pigs is such a popular story.

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