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  1. Maybe you could just wrap it up in purple paper for Easter.

  2. I just love the purple house! I wish I could paint my house purple too! I’d be the hit of the neighborhood for sure!

  3. Pod is a perfect word for this concept house idea Candy, why didn’t I think of that?

  4. Very cool! Love the egg pod shape. I can imagine kicking back and relaxing for a few days in one of these.

  5. Hi Anjeline, I “LUFF” your idea of waking up ON the water in an egg.

  6. Every time a reader comments I think it can’t get any better and now here you come and say “like being reborn every morning.” You know I love you.

  7. luff it would totally vacation in this how awesome to wake up on the water

  8. Love my reader’s comments so much like how you say floating on the water in an egg sounds relaxing.

  9. I love all the innovative ideas for living. Floating on the water in an egg sounds like a pretty relaxing vacation.

  10. Amazing! I can imagine myself living in one of these. I love the houseboat concept. Can you imagine, fishing for dinner and walking inside to cook? And, perhaps, no land taxes? 😉 Love it!

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