Giant Egg-Shaped Houses Made Out Of Reclaimed Material

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Giant Egg-Shaped Houses

While out hunting for eggs I found giant egg-shaped houses. They are concept eco-friendly houses made of reclaimed materials. They’re pretty eggtastic to see. 

The giant egg-shaped concept houses are a houseboat, a floating lodge and beach house. Originally,designers BMT Asia Pacific built a “dome building to protect radar and radio antennae for a cruise liner terminal in Hong Kong.”

They spent so much time creating this dome structure, they decided to turn it into something else and the idea of giant egg-shaped houseboats, lodges, and beach houses were born.

The designers of these delightful oval structures are Richard Colwill and Henry Ward of Henry Ward Design.

Giant Egg-Shaped Houses Floating Lodge

Giant Egg-Shaped Houses Made Out Of Reclaimed MaterialThe floating lodge is meant to be a two-bedroom luxury escape. It can be set along a river or lake. Buy several and stack them together to make a cluster of rental units.

Giant Egg-shaped Houses Houseboat

Giant egg-shaped houseboat conceptI like the unique houseboat idea. The giant egg-shaped houses idea is cracked open and gets a curved roof. Two bedrooms, kitchen, dining area and a private rear deck.

Giant Egg-Shaped Houses Beach House

Giant egg-shaped beach house concept ideaNot to be limited to just floating in water, a beach house model was created bringing new meaning to the incredible, edible egg.

These are just the first models in this Sea-Suite series. Just like the egg, the possibilities are endless.

Source: Henry Ward Design, Daily Mail

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  1. I just love the purple house! I wish I could paint my house purple too! I’d be the hit of the neighborhood for sure!

  2. Very cool! Love the egg pod shape. I can imagine kicking back and relaxing for a few days in one of these.

  3. Every time a reader comments I think it can’t get any better and now here you come and say “like being reborn every morning.” You know I love you.

  4. I love all the innovative ideas for living. Floating on the water in an egg sounds like a pretty relaxing vacation.

  5. Amazing! I can imagine myself living in one of these. I love the houseboat concept. Can you imagine, fishing for dinner and walking inside to cook? And, perhaps, no land taxes? 😉 Love it!

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