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  1. I clicked around and don’t find any info on the new owner’s progress, but you have a good idea. I will ask my brother if he has heard anything about it.

  2. What a story! A hope the bankruptcy curse has been lifted too! I kind of like the fire place tho. and the view of the windows on either side is so nice. Would be so cool if you could get “after” pictures of this one.. interesting!

  3. Castle obsessed, that is me too lately and in general I Love a Castle any old time and plan to post some more castles as if I don’t have some already. Thanks for such a wonderful visit and comment Elin. I am coming over to see you now.

  4. This was so much fun to read! From a very early age I was castle obsessed…the town I grew up in had an enormous “castle-like” home that I always loved, requested/demanded my mother drive past it any chance we had. I hope the new owner will break the curse and also open it back up for people to explore, use, see. Thanks for sharing this marvelous story!

  5. I am going to try to keep an eye on this wonderful Copenhaver Castle story. Thanks Carol

  6. How sad that he lost the castle to bankruptcy. It sounded like he was a good man, but I am guessing that the cost of building the castle and then maintaining it just skyrocketed.

    I love that you share such fun, different and out of the way “homes”.

  7. Awesome that it is built into the mountain. I should add more photos. Coming over to see you today.

  8. My brother has passed by the Castle many times and loves it.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Wow – that is quite the place! The pool in the middle of the floor is FREAKY! Watch your step!!!

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