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  1. Thanks Carol for such a great comment. There seems to be so much more than meets the eye to Dick Clark that he had this Flintstones house built.

  2. what a fun house! I think that would make a great vacation home too! Adorable! I used to love that cartoon when I was a kid…still do. thanks for the memories once again!

  3. Love your Flintstones house too and had to Share it on my page.

  4. Hey Jenny, you just made me think if I would want to sleep in one of these houses, ummm, maybe. I would like a walk-through though, that would be fun. I am so excited that I won the Woolzballs.

  5. I was always a fan of the flintstones when growning up. It was one of the few cartoons my school teacher mother would let me watch. These are very interesting house. Although, I don’t think I would feel comfy sleeping in them.

    please -email me your e-mail address…you won the Woolzie Dryer Balls Giveaway! The company will contact you about sending a set to you.

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