Unusual Flintstones Houses

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Let’s look at unusual houses like Flintstones Houses today for fun and to look at the unbelievable that is true. These two Flintstones houses are for reals.  We can think of these houses as cartoon houses come to life or prehistoric living quarters.

Fred Flintstone, is the working-class character in the prehistoric cartoon that came out in the 1960s.  There is Fred, Wilma, and their daughter Pebbles.  A Pebbles doll came out back then that I dearly loved, then my sister was born and had red hair.  I would tie her hair up like Pebbles and put the Pebble doll bone in her hair.  When she began crawling, I would follow her around and remember getting frustrated because she just would not leave that bone in her hair.  Then there’s Dino who barks like a dog and the saber-toothed cat Baby Puss.  Next door neighbors Barney and Betty Rubble and lovable Bamm-Bamm.

Unusual Flintstones Houses

Bedrock or Flintstones House.

Seth_MacFarlane's_The_Flintstones_Logo CC Commons Wikimedia.org

Unusual Flintstones Houses seating areaBamm!  I can’t find where this house is or who owns it.  Does anyone know?  Cleverly crafted seating area.

Unusual Flintstones Houses Bedrock house hallwayComplete with animal print pattern throw rug.

Unusual Flintstones houses family roomDid the Flintstones have a TV?  This is such a cool concept house.

Unusual Flintstones Bedrock house bathroomGreat Gazoo, the bathtub is rock heaven.  The creativity keeps on coming.  A little animal hide rug.

Unusual Bedrock Flintstones Houses Bedroom and Living area

Bedrock bedroom Unusual Flintstones Houses

Iconic Dick Clark’s Flintstones House shown below is in Malibu and is an area landmark for sale at $3,500,000.  Around the google-hood I found reference to the house as Dick Clark’s Yabba-Dabba, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Retreat, Rockin’ Flintstone Home, and Crazy Caveman House.

Unusual Flintstones Houses this one in MalibuIt’s fit for the Modern-Stone-age Family.  Meet Dick Clark’s cartoon-styled Flintstones House.  Thank you Dick Clark for making this unusual house.  I will always remember you from the American Bandstand days and New Year’s Eve.

Unusual bedroom in Flintstone House Per the property details on Coldwell Banker/CaliforniaMoves, it only has one bedroom as seen here and below.

Unusual Flintstones Houses bedroomWhite stone caveman bedroom decor that might be stone Fred Flintstone dug out of the quarry while working for Mr. Slate.

Dick Clarks Unusual Flintstones HousesTable set for four, that’s Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty, err no, I mean Dick Clark, his wife, and various “Bandstand” guests play Musical chairs for the other two seats.

Unusual Dick Clark Flintstones House living roomAll kidding aside, the listing says this house has 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean.  It says it is:

An imaginative architectural creation nestled atop a mountain on approx. 22.89 acres surrounded by breathtaking ocean and mountain views influenced by changing light. Truly exceptional from within and without, the architecture of this home seamlessly marries form, function and beauty.

Dick Clark's unusual Flintstones house

Dick Clark Flintstone house kitchenBedrock concept kitchen cabinets and I could swear the windows are straight out of the cartoon.

Dick Clark bathroom

Dick Clark house night viewIf you have $3.5 million, and want to own a prehistoric house, yabba-dabba-do it to Malibu. **

Source for Flintstones Bedrock house my.opera.co

Dick Clark’s Malibu Flintstone house listing source Coldwell Banker CaliforniaMoves.com

** Dick Clark’s Flintstone house sold in December of 2014. Wonder what the new owner will do with it?


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