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  1. Snow is not too bad but the temps are brutal. Yesterday morning it was minus 23 degrees! I’m ready to move to a warmer climate…


  2. Soo true how comtempo it is. A blogger who lives in the area said that a lot of homes in this area look like this. It’s so nice to hear from you. Howz the snow and weather up there?

  3. A bit contemporary for my taste but oh what views!

  4. If you love it then I know it’s good. Houses that float kind of fascinate me.

  5. Wonderful idea to book a flight somewhere and soon Carolann.

  6. I love this….and I love the way everything in the house is suspended too! You are floating!!!!!!

  7. I NEED a week there! That would be a perfect vacation fro sure. What a dream. I need to book a flight somewhere and soon! Beautiful post Sue..thank you!

  8. A visit to experience the sensation is what this place is all about my friend, you hit it right on the nailhead.

  9. I’m not sure how I feel about this one at all. It’s really unique for sure. I think it would be neat to visit, but not so neat to live there.

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