The Pole House in Australia – Take an Adventure to the Edge of the Ocean

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The Pole House – Adventure is Out There

Feast your eyes on The Pole House! It looks like it is suspended high in the air floating at the edge of the ocean. It is a very famous and the most photographed house. The Pole House is on Great Ocean Road in Fairhaven, Australia.

As soon as I saw The Pole House it reminded me of the houses in the sci-fi movie Oblivion that stars Tom Cruise. I used to be obsessed with wanting to travel to Australia and see the outback, but I had not thought about the ocean.

Housekaboodle - The Pole House

Do you love it or does it scare you?

Housekaboodle - The Pole House

My eyes were playing tricks on me. At first, it looked like the fireplace was suspended in the air like the house. Pretty cool fireplace design though.

Pole House in Australia

If it looks cold and uninviting, it’s because no one lives here. The Pole House is a popular vacation rental unit.

The Pole House in Fairhaven Australia is a rental unit. Sits high just above the edge of the ocean
The Pole House

Amazing views. I have a fear of heights so standing on the deck would be my adventure. Just think of the views if was storming while you were staying here.

The Pole House in Australia is perched high along the oceans edge
The Pole House is a rental house perched high above the ocean

Famous Pole House in Australia is high above the oceans edgeIf you book a stay at The Pole House you are going to experience the sensation of being suspended above the coast of Australia. Adventure is out there. Go to Airbnb to see more photos and guest details.

Mud and Wood House

Come down to earth and see the Cob House.

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  1. Snow is not too bad but the temps are brutal. Yesterday morning it was minus 23 degrees! I’m ready to move to a warmer climate…


  2. Soo true how comtempo it is. A blogger who lives in the area said that a lot of homes in this area look like this. It’s so nice to hear from you. Howz the snow and weather up there?

  3. I love this….and I love the way everything in the house is suspended too! You are floating!!!!!!

  4. I NEED a week there! That would be a perfect vacation fro sure. What a dream. I need to book a flight somewhere and soon! Beautiful post Sue..thank you!

  5. I’m not sure how I feel about this one at all. It’s really unique for sure. I think it would be neat to visit, but not so neat to live there.

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