Lotus Flower Houseboat Of The Future

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I like houseboats and this concept home of the future that when open looks like a Lotus Flower takes floating homes to a new level.  The flower pedals when closed make the vessel look like an egg.  It is actually a yacht or floating home designed by Hyun-Seok Kim who designs yachts.  The cabin portholes provide underwater panoramic views.

The Lotus flower has a water jet engine and eight nozzles attached with water jet control valves. These nozzles control direction amd act as a stabilizing system. Acceleration sensors adjust the nozzles and 16 petals in tandem to control its balance perfectly.  – Inspired

It’s a beautiful to look at and fun to think about.

Lotus Flower Houseboat Of The Future

Lotus Flower by Hyun Seok-Kim

The petals are for stabilization and resist water waves.  

Living Lotus via Inspired by Hyun-Seok Kim

It would be hard to pull kids away from this under the sea experience.  I think it’s compact enough to be set at the end of any lake dock too.

Source Credits: Yahoo Homes, Inspired as above.

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