Planes Trains and Automobiles Best Thanksgiving Day Movie

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Planes Trains and Automobiles is the best Thanksgiving Day movie ever!

The comedy from 1987 stars Steve Martin as Neal and John Candy as Del Griffith. All Neal wants is to get home from New York to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving Day with his family. Neal meets and ends up traveling with Del who bumbles their every attempt to get home on time for Thanksgiving dinner.

The real house from the movie was for sale in 2012 for 1.799 million and is sold. Built in 1917 it has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a library and a sunroom. It reminds us of the real Home Alone house that is just a few miles away and has a sunroom too.

Planes Trains and Automobiles Best Thanksgiving Day Movie

This is a photo of the house as seen for sale in 2012 from Curbed Chicago.

The real Colonial house from the Planes Trains and Automobiles movie is at 230 Oxford Rd Kenilworth, IL. It’s just one of the beautiful homes in the neighborhood.


John Hughes produced and directed the film. He was fond of having his movies filmed in the northern suburbs of Chicago where he lived. Have a look at his house here on John Hughes House in Lake Forest.

Planes Trains and Automobiles movie scene - The house

Movie scene of the home on Oxford Rd when all Neal can think of is his getting home and being with his family.

Planes Trains Automobiles You're going the wrong way

These are just a few of the scenes from the movie that make it the best Thanksgiving Day movie. When the couple across the highway are screaming at Del and Neal “You’re going the wrong way!!!!” and

Planes Trains Automobiles movie scene Steve Martin John Candy

Del and Neal after they survive driving in-between two semi-trucks. If you’re not sentimental about Thanksgiving, family and home the movie is priceless for all the facial expressions by Steve Martin and John Candy.

Planes Trains Automobiles movie scene burned car

And this scene with Neal and Del getting pulled over by the police in their car that caught fire.  Planes, trains and automobiles!

Planes Trains and Automobiles movie Steve Martin John Candy

Planes Trains and Automobiles is the essence of Thanksgiving. It dawns on Neal that Del has no one to spend the holiday with and brings him to his home for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Planes Trains Automobiles arriving home scene
Planes Trains Automobiles movie arriving home scene
Planes Trains and Automobiles Neal's wife on the stairs
Planes Trains and Automobiles Neal and wife reunion

Below are a few photos inside the real house in Kenilworth from Hooked on Houses who has more photos to see.

The-real-Planes-Trains-Automobiles-house-for-sale-via Hooked On Houses

The stairs and entrance played a starring role in the movie. This is inside the real house for sale in 2012 and happy new owners live there now.

The-real-Planes-Trains-Automobiles-house-for-sale- sunroom via Hooked on Houses

Beautiful sunroom inside the real Planes Trains and Automobiles house.

Famous Home Alone house

The Home Alone house in Winnetka, IL that is almost a twin to the Planes Trains and Automobiles house. See the inside of the home on Famous Movie House Home Alone is Sold.

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  1. Thank you for this information about this movie. I’ll be sure to try and get it to watch.

  2. My husband loves this movie. I love it too but I am always cooking or cleaning up after everyone leaves on Thanksgiving. You are right Sue, one look at that beautiful hallway and staircase and I want to start decorating it for Christmas.

  3. We have a sunroom that is not stunning yet so need to work on it. Let me know how much the family enjoys the movie Anj and Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. The sun room is stunning, I think I’ve seen the move but now am not so sure. lol But will definitely put it on our list to watch on either thanksgiving or the day after, which is more of my day for lounging. And this sounds like a great movie to watch thanks for reminding us all.

  5. I love this movie! Thanks so much for taking me back. Might have to have the kids sit down for a few laughs and watch it again.

  6. John Hughes always found great houses for his movies – the Home Alone House, James Spader’s house in Pretty in Pink, Cameron’s house in Ferris Bueller . . .

  7. Oh my gosh that sun-room! I always wanted a house with a sun-room. It was a great movie for sure. It’s always nice to be reminded of what Thanksgiving is all about!

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