Funny Farm Movie Cape Cod House

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Funny Farm is a 1988 crazy comedy starring Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith. Chevy Chase plays Andy Farmer who quits his successful NY sports writer job to move with his wife to the country and write a novel. They buy an idyllic Cape Cod house in the town of Redbud, Vermont to begin their new life.

Funny Farm Movie Cape Cod House They roll up to their new country home full of country life dreams. The Funny Farm movie Cape Cod is actually a resident’s home in Grafton, Vermont called Hall House. The Vermonter reports “the owners’ furnishings were moved out and the movie filled the house up with their own furniture and decorations.

Funny Farm movie starring Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith

Andy and Elizabeth Farmer race to their backyard and

Funny Farm movie scene Cape Cod House

gaze on their beautiful property.

Inside the Funny Farm House

Country life doesn’t exactly go as planned. Andy carries Elizabeth over the threshold of their new house and she falls through the Dutch door.

Kitchen on move in day Funny Farm movie

The empty kitchen on move-in day. Water and electric are turned on. They were supposed to install a beige wall phone in the kitchen, but no phone.

Funny Farm movie scene This room will make a nice office!

Andy thinks this room will make a perfect room to write his novel and

Country life Funny Farm movie
Funny Farm bird scene screen capture

say’s “isn’t it perfect Elizabeth, a bird nest right outside my writing window!?

Redbud's postman races by the Farmer's mailbox - Funny Farm movie

On the first day Andy and Elizabeth find out about Redbud’s maniac mailman who never stops at the box. He races by throwing the mail out his window.

Farmer's have to sleep on the floor Funny Farm movie scene

The movers never arrive until the next day because they get lost. Andy and Elizabeth have to sleep on the floor.

Elizabeth Farmer finds a body in the garden Funny Farm movie scene

Elizabeth plants a garden and finds a body buried in a casket.

Found the phone Funny Farm movie screenshot

At the same time through a calamity they find the phone hidden inside a cabinet to call the sheriff for help only….

Funny Farm movie scene telephone operator

the operator thinks it’s a coin phone. “Please sir, deposit 20 cents in the slot and I’ll complete your call as requested”

Corpse in the garden Funny Farm movie scene

The body is removed. Then the town charges the Farmer’s $4,000 for burial at the cemetery that Andy refuses to pay.

Unpacking inside the Cape Cod Funny Farm house

Turns out writing a novel in the country is hard. Andy starts to do anything to avoid writing like fishing. Elizabeth unpacks making the house into a home.

Antique Store in Redbud - Funny Farm movie scene

In town Andy finds a baseball game to watch while Elizabeth explores Redbud’s Antique store. She furnishes their home with a lot of antiques the quirky owner hardly wants to sell.

Funny Farm movie scene capture Coin Phone

Hysterically their kitchen wall phone is finally installed!

Funny Farm Cape Cod house dining room
Living Room Funny Farm House
Bedroom in Cape Cod house from Funny Farm movie
Chevy Chse in office scene Funny Farm movie

The Cape Cod is now full of charming furniture and decor. In the office scene above Andy is jealous of Elizabeth who wrote a children’s story about a squirrel that has the interest of publishers.

His own publishers want his manuscript. He doesn’t have one and turns in the squirrel story behind Elizabeth’s back that infuriates her. They have a terrible fight and agree to a divorce and to sell the house.

Andy offers the city $15,000 if it will help him sell the house. He also promises to pay $50 to anyone who will look, dress and act like they are out of a Norman Rockwell painting in front of perspective buyers.

Funny Farm Bud and Betsy arrive to look at the house

It’s Christmastime. Bud and Betsy arrive to see the house.

Postman delivers rum nut Funny Farm scene

Maniac mailman who never once set foot in the house arrives dressed in Norman Rockwell fashion and hand delivers a package.

Funny Farm Christmas town scene

The whole town is dressed to impress.

Funny Farm town decked out for Christmas
Ivy's CAFE decorated for Christmas
Ivys Cafe Merry Christmas greeting

As the Farmer’s and Bud and Betsy enter Ivy’s CAFE, the staff and customers yell out greetings of Merry Christmas. This will cost Andy more than he expected.

Funny Farm Cape Cod House skating on the pond

The idyllic scenes continue back at the house including

Carolers singing inside Farmer's House - Funny Farm screen capture

carolers singing invited inside for hot chocolate.

Funny Farm movie scene - The Farmers change their minds

Bud and Betsy offer to pay above asking price. Andy and Elizabeth change their minds. The house is not for sale! Of course they are still in love.

The End, not the end, the story doesn’t stop here. You need to see the movie for fun scenes I left out and see the ending.

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