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  1. @Ann Lightbody Dockery Hi Ann, first I am so happy to hear from you about the Barnegat Windmill house, and secondly I am tearful at once while reading your reply about your memories living there and knowing the house like the back of your hand, and driving by it with living so close and having to see its current state of demise.  I know what it means to see a house once lived in and loved and now no longer kept up.  It is by far a most wonderful looking windmill house and could really be something so unique if someone would restore it.  I think updated pix of the house would be nice to see, but if it is now not as nice looking, then let’s leave well enough alone and keep good thoughts about it here.  Again, I am honored to hear from you Ann.

  2. Ann Lightbody Dockery says:

    I (I’m Ann) used to live in the Windmill house in Barnegat, NJ 36 years ago.  I now live right down the road from it and my heart breaks each time I drive by it because it is in such poor condition.  When my family and I lived in it there was no heat so my dad installed the heat in the dead of winter.  I can remember that house like the back of my hand and have many memories of living there.  I just wish I knew who owns it now.  I have some updated pictures of it but your picture shows it in MUCH MUCH better condition.

  3. Thanks Sue! If you don’t mind me asking when did yo live in Wheaton and where did you go to high school? I’m just wondering if we know each other.

  4. Hi Erika, Your welcome and thank you again too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Thanks for using my photos of the house in Wheaton! (I’m Erika). I had no idea about the history of the house, so I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing all these great houses!

  6. Laura, I have a correction. It is not on Geneva Road, it is on Gary Avenue.

  7. Hi Laura. I grew up there too! The windmill house is on Geneva Road just a bit south of North Avenue.

  8. I grew up in Wheaton! I remember this house but not where I’ve seen it. Can you let me know? Thanks so much!

  9. Thank you for your help with this post Connie

  10. connie pritchard says:

    What a good education on windmill houses. thank you

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