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  1. Great Anj, I would love to hear about the duck and elephant after you visit and of course I know you will, but takes lots of photos too.

  2. wow sue I now see two road trips in my future I’m gonna check out the duck & elephant thanks so much for sharing

  3. When you get some grandsons, they will love to visit the dinosaurs.

  4. You got that right on kids just loving these animal shaped buildings. You probably have boys…I need to ask you.

  5. First of all, I got your post in my email so that is a good sign

    I have actually seen the giant dinosaur in Cabazon – just drove past it though. I can’t believe all those others exist!

  6. These all look like some really awesome houses. I personally think my kids would have a field day checking these houses out. I think their favorite would be the dinosaurs though.

  7. I’m lovin the blue whale and the romantic story behind it. Wisconsin is my closest state to see one of these. Have you seen Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey?

  8. They are all so cute! What a fun thing for the kids to see. I love the big duck lol.

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