Tourist Attractions: 8 Animal Shaped Buildings To Visit

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Tourist Attractions of the unusual kind today. Here are 8 ingenious animal shaped buildings to visit on your travels. Have you seen any of these animal shaped buildings? One is actually a seashell house in Mexico. The 8 tourist attractions are:

A Shell House in Mexico, a dinosaur, blue whale, giant koala, a dog, large muskie, an elephant and a big duck.

Tourist Attractions:

1. The Big Duck building was declared by a radio station to be on the list of 7 wonders of Long Island, New York.

Call it the Big Duck or the Flanders Duck. Call it bizarre or call it the best marketing idea since Duck Soup. It is literally an architectural wonder now on the National Register of Historic Places since 1997. It was created as an advertisement by a duck farmer selling duck products for his Big Duck Ranch in Flanders, New York.

Today, it’s a gift shop and one of the wonders of Long Island.

Tourist Attractions: 7 Animal Shaped Buildings To VisitThe Big Duck is no ordinary ducky.  Now, any building shaped like its product is called a ‘duck’ so this paddle foot had mad influence in the world. Quack!

Hayward Muskie2.The giant Hayward Muskie. The world’s largest Muskie in Hayward, Wisconsin where the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame is located.  You can climb up into the mouth of Mr. Fish and look out on the town and Lake Hayward.  Tourist also visit Hayward for hunting, golfing, snowmobiling, mountain biking and cross-country skiing.

Dog Bark Park Cottonwood Idaho3. Dog Bark Park in Cottonwood, Idaho has this cute big Beagle to explore.

The Giant Koala 4. Australia has so many big things I don’t know where to begin.  The Giant Koala says is all.

Rt 66 Blue Whale Highsmith5. The Blue Whale sits in a pond along Route 66 in Catoosa,Oklahoma.  Sweet that a husband built it for his wife who collected whale figurines.  Originally private, locals and tourist loved it so much, it’s now a public destination with sand, life guards and a place to picnic.

Lucy the Elephant 20116. Lucy the Elephant! She is six stories high in Margate, New Jersey. Take a guided tour up the spiral staircase inside. Then up again into the howdah to view the city, Atlantic City skyline and Atlantic Ocean.

Cabazon Dinosaurs Dinny7. Cabazon Dinosaurs are roadside tourist attractions in Cabazon, California. Meet Dinny, the first of the dinosaurs and maybe first dino to be a building.  He is 45 feet high and 150 feet long.

Seashell House8. The lovely Conch seashell house in Isla Mujeres, Mexico is a novelty place to stay on vacation.  You can see more photos here on Seashell House.

So tell me, have you seen these or other animal shaped buildings?

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