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  1. Big thanks Doreen, I wish a house in both our areas had an open house like this.

  2. Doreen@househoneys says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all! I really like this idea and I would be first in line on that coaster!

  3. It’s the most fun home tour I can think of and I like roller coasters at about this speed.

  4. I love rollercoasters I would so take the ride I mean tour lol thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Candy, It’s hysterical! I’m so happy you came over to see this fun house for sale. I think if this was by me I’d go to the open house even if I was not looking for a house.

  6. What fun it would be to “send” the kids to bed in the evening. I can see the little ones asking “is it bed time yet Mom?” just to get a ride on the roller coaster. This is truly one of the most unique marketing tools I have ever seen!

  7. I read the promotion is just for the month of December. If I were the buyer I would want the roller coaster for sure Robin. You could probably make one!

  8. Or inside the box as is the case. Interesting how this house is just right to take a ride in.

  9. Oh for sure kids would not want the roller coaster to come down after the sale. I’d try to erect it in the yard for play.

  10. What a house. My kids would love to grow up in this house for sure. People come up with the strangest houses, but it’s neat to look at them. I believe I’d love to live in a unique house too.

  11. Well, now I have seen it all lol. It really looks like much fun that’s for sure. I bet that was expensive to build too. They really thought outside the box with this one!

  12. That is the craziest marketing strategy I’ve ever seen! I like it but imagine the work involved assembling and disassembling each open house. I wonder how many buyers wanted the roller coaster with the purchase. 🙂

  13. You got me going now Carol. At least a roller coaster in the backyard if not inside the house for pete’s sake. Now that you bring it up, I remember Richie Rich comics and I know there was a movie for sure.

  14. Okay, I want to have a house with a roller coaster. It makes me think of the Richie Rich comic strip when I was a kid. I think they even turned it into a tv show. That would be so much fun!

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