Rollercoaster ride home tour, that’s right, ROLLERCOASTER!

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Take a Rollercoaster ride home tour to see the rooms inside this house! Did your jaw just drop, I bet it did. This wins as the most creative, wild and wonderful way to market a house for sale in my book. I have to say this kind of tizzy would make any house hunter remember this home forever.

Rollercoaster ride home tour, that's right, ROLLERCOASTER!As the perspective buyer rides about the home there is a recording, or at least I think it must be a recording, pointing out the details of each room in the house as they ride through it. All this attention-getting ruckus and it really is a nice looking home on the exterior.

Inside dutch house rollercoster ride home tourWhoa… isn’t this the most crazy thing ever! It makes me think of Disneyland.

At the end of the rollercoaster ride home tour, the ride drops and does a sharp fast turn to give you a thrill.  You have to see it to believe it!

My guess is more people than not are taking the rollercoaster ride home tour of this house.

This is a special project by a Netherlands-based bank ABN Amro to help sellers market their homes.

I’d love to take the ride, would you?

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