Barbies Million-Dollar Real Estate Empire

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Barbies Million Dollar-Real Estate Empire is by Virginia Gil of  DoYouRemember, the place where memories live.  I am captivated by DoYouRemember’s sentimental articles and astonished how they come up with their yesteryear ideas that leads the reader down a wistful road to memories they may not recall otherwise.

Today I am featuring DoYouRemember, Virginia Gil’s article highlighting Barbie’s Dreamhouse Real Estate changes over the years.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.


Barbies humble beginnings in Willows, Wisconsin did little to discourage her real estate ambitions.  In 1962, just four years after launching, she moved into her first Dreamhouse replete with wood paneling and mod décor.  Since then, Barbies relocated just about every decade trading her Malibu Dreamhouse for a luxe Townhouse, a magical mansion and finally a revamped Dreamhouse, which she put on the market this year for $25 million.  Can’t keep up with Barbie’s changing zip codes and dwellings? Here’s a rundown of her (many!) digs:

1962 Barbies® Dream House

Barbie's Million Dollar-Real Estate Empire As a first-time homeowner, Barbie went for a low-key cardboard abode but still splurged on the pink plastic hangers—the only non-paper item in the house.  

1974 Barbies® Townhouse

1974-Barbie-TownhouseBarbie splurged on the extras with a three-story townhouse complete with a working elevator.

1979 Barbie® Dream House


1979-Barbie-Dream-House This was one of Barbie’s most popular homes thanks in part to working windows and shutters. The home sold for the next 10 years in both pink and white.

1983 Barbie® Townhouse

1983-Barbie-Townhouse In keeping with the decade, Barbies newest townhouse was brighter, bolder but this time with a new pink elevator.

1990 Barbie® Magical Mansion™

1990-Barbie-Magical-MansionNo expense was spared for Barbie’s first million-dollar mansion that featured working electronics like a ringing telephone and doorbell with a lit fireplace and chandelier.

1998 Barbie® Deluxe Dreamhouse

1998-Barbie-Deluxe-Dream-HouseThe muted color palette made this one of the more monochromatic designs of all the Barbie homes. Columns and arches were, however, entirely pink.

2012 Barbie® Dreamhouse®

2012-Barbie-DreamhouseBarbie’s latest home popped with pink accents in the way of a personal elevator, a flat screen TV and outdoor hot tub.

As a real estate mogul, Barbie’s made some major investments over the years. Take a by-the-numbers look at the hottest home on the market.

Dreamhouse-Infographic_BarbieI remember several Barbie Dreamhouses from my own childhood and from my daughter’s childhood, and recalling them to mind brings thick happy memories  I have to brush away from my face.

Thanks to Virgina Gil of DoYouRemember for permission to feature her article Barbie’s Million-Dollar Real Estate Empire today.  Be sure to visit their article and you can find more nostalgia articles about Barbie here, in addition to check out their main DoYouRemember Welcome site to sign up to become a member, and click their Go To Our Blog Link to be carried away to the land of yesteryear.  They have an appropriate and cute logo with an elephant to help you remember. do-you-remember-logo

Which Barbie’s Dreamhouse did you or your daughter have?  I had the original 1962 Dreamhouse and my daughter had around the 1990 Barbie ‘s Magical Mansion.  Or, maybe your just starting your Barbie memories and have the 2012 Dreamhouse.

Thanks for stopping by today, I enjoy me readers and visitors and love hearing from you.

My pretend Barbie house to see is Turquoise Barbie House.

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