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  1. I looked up the early 70s model and that was a GREAT one! Thanks for visiting today Sharon.

  2. I had the Barbie DreamHouse – though I don’t see it here – somewhere around 1972. Adored it!

  3. I am wondering whatever happened to my Barbie house. I probably played with it so much it self-destructed.

  4. My daughter had American Girl dolls and accessories, but the dollhouse must have come later on as I never knew about it and just looked them up. What fun!

  5. Another great house post Sue!!! How clever. I loved skipping down memory lane with this one. I had the 1960’s version- cardboard but cool! My platinum blonde Barbie loved her plastic hangers! By the time my daughter was old enough for a Barbie House- she was into American Girls. Have you ever seen those houses? Awesome!!!!

  6. Oh right, I remember now. We had the accessories and the car. Sounds like your girls were in Barbie heaven. I would love to see a pix of the homemade Barbie house if you still have it. Thanks for stopping today Jenny.

  7. Oh, I drooled over the 1974 Barbie dream house. Begged my parents endlessly, left clippings for it. But, in the end my dad built me my own Barbie dream house, with furniture as well. I loved that Barbie house.

    I was delighted when my girls were totally into Barbies. We owned the 1998 one along with every other Barbie boat, car and accessory possible.

    It was fun to take a trip down memory lane today.

  8. I’m so glad you had fun with Barbie today Linda. xo

  9. My daughter had the 1974 townhouse. What a fun post. I really enjoyed it

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