Polka Dot House

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Polka Dot House

I have not seen this polka dot house before or even known about it. It is in Detroit, Michigan and part of a project called Heidelberg because it is on Heidelberg Street. This area is one of Detroit’s depressed, abandoned house areas and this art movement was started in the eighties by artist, Tyree Guyton, who lives or lived on Heidelberg Street and has artistic international fame for it.
There is another house with stuffed animals stapled on it…..

Stuffed Animal House in Detroit

So I am at the store buying an extra, extra-large stuffed animal because I am going to staple or nail it to the outside of my house.  I have not had that experience, but as seen above, someone or many someones have.  I like the one at the top right resting its head on the roof.

Polka dot house

Here is another polka dot house.  I am learning that this project has been a controversy for the city of Detroit, the residents, and for the art community.

There are claims of this being an eyesore and only adding more to the depressed areas’ reputation and then there are those who think it is helping because it has become a tourist spot.

Imagine that while in the Detroit area you say “Let’s go see the polka dot house.”  I could see that happening, especially if you have kids.  The tree in front of the polka dot house has stuffed animals hanging on it.

Here is a bus that gets into the action.  Apparently prior to the art project this area was one of the most dangerous and afterwards it became a local attraction.

A close up of the stuffed animal house shows it to be a gigantic art sculpture.  What child would not delight in seeing this!

Here is a shot of the street.  I even see dots painted on the pavement.

A line up of vacuums that look like they are waving as you go by.

House with numbers -Heidelberg project in Detroit

House with numbers all over it.

Dotty-Wotty house - -Heidelberg project in Detroit

This is called the Dotty-Wotty House. Some of the dots in the first picture above look like giant buttons. Polka Dot House has been a fun and also educational post for me to do.  Enjoy the dots!

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Source and to learn more about the  Polka Dot House Detroit here

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