The “Wave House”

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The “Wave House” designed by architect Michael Carmichael looks like a wave and was also built to capture the sound of a wave.  How about that for architectural design!  This modern beach side Wave House stands 60 feet above the beach, yet the design brings the sound of the ocean into the interior of the house.

This unusual wave house has recently gone up for sale and per an interview by Erika Riggs of AOL with the listing agent, Steven Richardson of Coldwell Banker, he said: “It’s hard to put into words the sensation that you get when you’re inside the property and around the grounds,” said Richardson. “Most of the inside of the house draws the outside in.  From the sounds and the views, [they] all blend and mix around you.”

Sounds like it feels like the place to experience sensations, sounds, and be transformed.  Is this the wave of the future?

Wave House beams wave-shaped

I  went in search for more explanations about the interior of the Wave House.  Per The Hamilton Co blog –  The house has “sweeping laminated wood beams, custom crafted to form the underside of a huge wave which curls up and over the living space.   Carmichael added louvered openings high on the ocean side of the house which flooded the interior with sounds of the surf breaking on the shore below.”

Wave House entrance and guest tower

The unique residence has a 30-foot high guest tower with an observation deck on the top.   Dots of palm trees and the house shape reminds of The Flintstones, but this house is so much more than primitive, it’s for a modern-day family. 

Wave house wave-shaped windows

Built in 1980, in addition to the guest tower the house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, large kitchen, living room, and an additional deck and hot tub.

Wave House front door
Guest Tower
Guest Tower stairs to observation deck
Wave of windows
Wave House larger window
Windows shaped like a wave

Great close up of the shaker siding riding the curl of the wave.  I almost did not notice the door that blends seamlessly into the siding.

Roof shaped like a wave
Kitchen in the Wave House

Even the kitchen countertops are curve-shaped.

Another view of the Wave House

A last look at the sensational Wave House with its curved roof lines, shaker roof and shaker siding, curl-shaped windows, and under a wave wood beams.  Everyone should have a chance to see this creative architectural design.  The address is 9 Arroyo Quemada Lane Santa Barbara, California and is on the market for $2,450,000.

This wild and wacky home tour has been quite a ride.  If you want to catch more of this wavy beach house visit the AOL Real Estate link below.

All photos: AOL Real Estate

Sources for the Wave House The Hamilton Co.

                               –  AOL Real Estate

Like the Wave House, House In The Clouds is an unusual, oddly-shaped house to see.

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  1. You and another reader were both just in Santa Barbara last week. Glad you are back now Sarah, I missed you.

  2. What a great house! Inside and out! I was just in Santa Barbara last week! I should have done a “drive-by”!

  3. I am not sure, but I think the “castle” is a guest house. Waving at you and coming over to read Malcontent Kitty now.

  4. Hi Abigail, I would not want this as a primary residence either. It is so nice to hear from you again.

  5. Carol that is so incredible, again, you two amaze me. Let me know if you get the chance to find the Wave House.

  6. We were surprised to see that it is in Santa Barbara which is just to the north of us. My husband is a surfer and his business card logo is a wave. He thought that it was in the tropics, perhaps Australia. We are headed to SB tomorrow to look for fabric for living room pillows. We might try to check out the house when we are there.

  7. Those windows are very creative to say the least. I can see why it is called the wave house. I am not sure if I like or not. It sort of makes me feel dizzy.

  8. Wow, this is like something out of a dream. I really love it. Not sure if I’d want it to be my primary residence but if I ever had all the money in the world I sure would love to have this be a vacation home.

  9. So I guess you won’t be making curvy curtains for the windows. Thanks for visiting today and have a great weekend!!

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