All Aboard 747 Wing House Made Out of Old Plane

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Come fly with me in a 747 Wing House, you heard right!

Design Milk interviewed the builder, Architect David Hertz. Amazing that he bought an old 747 plane for practically nothing, then used the million pieces of plane materials to build the architectural wonder, Wing House!

The main home has the wings and tail section as roofing making the house look like it could take off from its high perch in Malibu, California.

Other plane turned into house details are the 747 Wing House has a guest house, art studio and animal barn made out of the fuselage.

747 Wing House

All Aboard 747 Wing House Made Out of Old Plane

The Wing House has 4,000 square feet to roam about in. Here’s your ticket to ride. Stop everything, and see the coolest house on planet earth!

747 Wing House by David Hertz Architects

747 Wing House

Coolest House on the Planet 747 Wing House

The Wing House coolest house on the planet

The Wing House in Malibu made out of old plane


Architectural wonder Wing House by David Hertz

Wing House made out of old 747 plane

Wing House made out of 747 Plane


Wing House sits high on a hill in MalibuI have a thing for unusual houses like this one that was a plane in its former life. The creation of the 747 Wing House has a lot of videos on YouTube that I clipped to create this post for you.


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