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  1. Thank you Doreen for such great comments. I like your line “a hoot to live here” – for sure.

  2. Doreen@househoneys says:

    I’m always amazed at the creativity of some people! This is simply amazing, and I think it would be a hoot to live there. It looks like it has distant water views too. Very, very cool!

  3. wow that’s pretty awesome thanks so much for sharing it

  4. I am soo happy you’re showing it to Jimmmy and it’s kind of impressive he already knows he wants to go into the Air Force.

  5. I’m going to have to show this one to Jimmy because his is one plane obsessed boy! He can’t wait until he goes into the Air Force to drive one. Thanks for sharing this really neat home.

  6. Oh neat that your husband used to work for Northrop and will like the plane turned into house project. Twitter is often difficult for me too. Now I want a horse wreath…ruined forever-LOL.

  7. Hey Sue – thanks for tweeting my blogpost. I have to start doing that more. I am a bad twitter person!!

    I live this house – I am sharing it with my husband…he was an engineer for Northrop Grumman…working on planes. He will love this!

    Thanks for thinking of me!!


    PS – I shared your horse wreath with a very good friend of mine…who is wild about horses. She loved it!!

  8. Not living there, I forget about the mudslides. A friend used to write to me all about the mudslides years ago. Take care and let me know if you get a glimpse of the Wing House someday.

  9. Yes, it would be so fun to tour this special project home. It has a bit of the Jetsons look doesn’t it.

  10. I would love to tour that house. I love how creative some people can be. I’m sure it was way expensive to design and build. 4000 sq ft wow…imagine having all that living space!

  11. I will have to keep my eyes open looking for the wing house next time we take the coast highway – although it was closed due to a mudslide today.

    That is pretty amazing house.

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