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  1. You’re right of course. I was thinking the other day when there’s no room to build out, they built up and gained the views. Exciting to hear you went to LA though!

  2. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    I want that view from the bedroom! A 3-layer cake house is definitely unusual but it really seems to make the best use of its surroundings and views. I was just in LA for a week, but all I saw was the hotel as it was for a meeting. I missed out!

  3. The view is amazing, but the design is just too weird for me.

    I am still not getting your updates in my emails so I added Housekaboodle to my blog roll and should be able to see whe you post something new.

  4. Crystal, you just made my day today. If I could, I’d bake you a cake and send it over.

  5. It’s a good thing I’m on a time crunch. If I wasn’t I do declare I’d be visiting every one of your posts. This is like putting me in a candy shop. I’m loving visiting your posts and gaining all kinds of ideas about different ways to enhance a home.

  6. Hi Carolann! Layered, stacked, and a bit of an extreme design!

  7. Wow that looks like a home on top of a home. Just beautiful. A very creative and unique house for sure. thanks for sharing this beauty!

  8. Hi Robin! I looked up Lake Champlain that I never knew about. It’s huge! What a wonderful experience to live on a lake like this. I almost put my imaginary brakes on when reading your great description of “feeling you could drop off if your brakes gave out.” I get that feeling too from the last photo above.

  9. I love reading your featured homes. This one reminded me of my home on Lake Champlain… but it was a two tiered cake 😉
    The driveway lead to the front, and the back exposed on the bank just like this, overlooking the lake and onto the other side of it staring at Vermont. Coming into the driveway gave one the feeling you could drop off if your brakes gave out. Inside, however, was a more secure feeling with windows exposing the views.
    That was home 14 years ago and I’m not sure what the new ownership has done with it, but we had a deck with railings and wandering paths to the water. As much as similar, we weren’t as elaborate as this building…nor by the price! 😀
    Thank you for “memory lane”~

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