Hollywood Hills Three Layer Cake House

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I’m in Hollywood Hills again with an unusual home that looks like a three layer cake house or house built on top of a concrete boat that’s in the ground.


I wonder how it came to be designed in layers back in 1968 or was it a remodel as time went on?

I like the modern middle layer and frosting on the top layer.

The main level has “open living and dining room with fireplace, kitchen, two baths, mater suite and guest room.

The second layer is the A-Frame house with another living room, fireplace, bar, library and bath.  This is the pool and lounge layer too and where views are of the ocean clear to the Santa Ana’s.

The third layer is the top of the A-Frame. There lies a private office, guest suite and balcony.

No word on what is in the curved like a boat-shaped bottom.  Possibly the garage or basement or both.

Hollywood Hills Three Layer Cake HouseI somehow am reminded of the Flintstones or Bedrock when I look at the landscaping and bottom layer. It’s one heck of an extremely unusual Hollywood Hills home isn’t it? Let’s look inside the tippy top of the A-Frame.

8460 Cole Crest Dr LA, CA for saleAmazing architecture.

8460 Cole Crest Dr Los Angeles, CA - zillowWonder not anymore why it’s great to live in the Hollywood Hills with views like this home has to offer.

8460 Cole Crest Dr Hollywood Hills,, CA - zillow

Pool 8460 Cole Crest Dr Los Angeles, CA - zillowI did not expect this extravagant, extreme home to have this great pool.  Look at those trees and the nice seating next to the pool and cabana. This is the A-Frame second layer area of the home.

8460 Cole Crest Dr Los Angeles, CA - zillowNow I get it!  The higher you build, the more you can see.  Not a lot of photos which makes this one-of-a-kind Hollywood Hills house even more mysterious.

3 bedrooms

4 baths

$2,950,000 and head over to Christopher Westley for information.

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