Best Movies House of 2012

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Best movies house post of 2012 on my blog this year.  The best movies houses of 2012 were Letters To Juliet, Life As We Know It Movie House, and The Houses From “The Help” but, the best movies house that I enjoyed doing this year was the “UP” Movie House.  And, “Cheaper By The Dozen” Movie Houses was one of the most popular posts of 2012 so it should be included as best movies house too.  There are other movie houses that should be in today’s houses of 2012 line up too like the Home Alone Movie House, but to keep this short, I am listing only a few.  So then, here are the best movies houses for a look back at 2012.


Letters To Juliet: Sophie:  “I think it’s a story worth telling.”  It’s a romantic, drama movie to enjoy while getting your Tuscan taste buds wet.

Best Movies House of 2012Letters To Juliet 

Life As We Know It movie house is in Atlanta, Georgia.  The movie was filmed here, and there were sets made for the interior shots for the movie.  Its one of the most memorable homes from a movie.  Colonial in style and on a beautiful piece of property.  Gimme it.

Best Movies House of 2012Life As We Know It Movie House

The Houses From “The Help”:  “You is kind…you is smart…you is important”

Best Movies House of 2012The Help Hilly Holbrook House via Ray of Sunshine

“UP” Movie House:  “Adventure is out there!” This post is about a real life cartoon house that was built and also is about a real house that was built that flies complete with balloons.

Best Movies House of 2012“UP” Movie House

“Cheaper By The Dozen” Movies Houses:  This fun-filled, heart warming film is about the Baker family with 12 children.  That’s a family of 14 counting mom and dad, plus a dog and one trouble-hopping frog.  I come from a family of 8, counting mom and dad, so that’s 10.  In our family we had dogs, cats, a bird, turtles, a raccoon, and lots of trouble with snakes.  I relate to this story on many levels.

011Cheaper By The Dozen Movie Houses

I hope you enjoyed this look back at 2012 of some of my best movies houses and favorite movie house.  There are many more movie houses I am looking forward to doing in 2013.  I am not only a house-junkie nut, but I am also a movie buff and movie house-junkie too, as you probably guessed if you are a frequent visitor, and if your not, I hope 2013 will be the year you visit more often.  I would love that.

Here is Best Movies of 2012 by MTV for more movie reading.

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  1. Happy New Year to you too Debra. Would if you started a line of dolls about movies, what would an UP doll look like?

  2. Sue, most of the lovely homes you featured would accommodate a large family! But today my favorite is the UP house — such a heartwarming story with imaginative graphics.

    Wishing you much happiness in the New Year!

  3. Hi and Happy New Year Carol. If I lived in your lovely cottage and by the beach I probably would not watch as many movies as I do. I am coming over to read your latest post.

  4. I have not seen any of the movies. I loved the book The Help, but I just don’t sit down to watch movies much. You have me inspired. I think I will download one of them tonight.

    Feliz Ano Nuevo

  5. I love all the houses on the movie “The Help” – one of my al time favs! thanks for posting this!

  6. When I do a movie post it takes a lot out of me, so I appreciate your lovely comment, as always.

  7. There are some pretty amazing movie houses. I forgot about the beautiful homes used in the Help. One of my favorite movies of the year. My daughter loves watching Cheaper By The Dozen. You posted about some great movie houses this year.

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