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  1. You inspire me to look for more horse farm homes and farmhouse which I love dearly. If you see any darling little such places, I’d consider it very “neigh” borly of you to send them my way. Hay, thanks so much for all continued visits and excellent feedback.

  2. I love the paddocks on this property. The stable room is nice too.

  3. I may go to the Library and get a copy of Love Story as I want to see his role in Love Story especially since the main male character role was loosely based on him and Al Gore. Thank you for such a great comment! I am coming over to visit you now.

  4. grownandflown says:

    He’s a native Texan, and I read that he spends much of his time on the ranch in San Saba. I also read that he has supported the equestrian efforts of his alma mater, Harvard, for some time. HIs scene in Love Story is a brief, but memorable poker game. Fun watching the early roles of now big deal actors! He has been a favorite of mine for many years and I crack up at all of the Men in Black movies.

  5. I remember my daughter being very horse crazy when she was younger, so I agree with you!!

  6. Definitely a lucky horse. My girl would love to own a house that can accommodate a horse 🙂

  7. His first film debut was as a Harvard student in the movie “Love Story” of which the main male role surprisingly was loosely based upon himself and Al Gore.

  8. He was great in “Lincoln.” I believe he comes from a very wealthy family, which would explain the vast real estate holdings.

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