A Fun Cardboard Playhouse Idea

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We bought a new washer and dryer and made a fun cardboard playhouse out of the boxes for our grandson.

Honestly, I thought the cardboard playhouse would be demolished by our 3-year-old grandson by now, but ii’s been four or five months and the playhouse is still in one piece.

Cardboard Playhouse made out of washer and dryer boxes

Before and After Cardboard Playhouse

Combine washer and dryer cartons to make a cardboard playhouse

Here’s a little look at the before, after we combined the washer and dryer containers together to make the playhouse.

Really, we did not intend on making a circle window. It was kind of a mistake. I found an old pillowcase and hung it up inside the circle window by making a little cardboard strip and gluing the pillowcase to the strip. He loves the curtained window and the little mouse hole at the bottom of the playhouse.

  • Cardboard Playhouse lit up at night
  • Add a light for more cardboard playhouse fun.
  • Kids like cardboard playhouses
    Sometimes, we turn on a large flashlight for nighttime fun.
    A simple black sharpie was used to draw the roof tiles. The roof is not attached in any way, it just sits nicely on the top. So far our little one leaves the roof in place.
  • Fun circle window
  • Circle Window with Curtain

If you don’t want to make a cardboard playhouse from scratch or are not a DIY person, Amazon has a lot of cardboard playhouses.

Cardboard Playhouse for kids to color

This cardboard playhouse for kids to color is just one of their adorable choices and it’s a genius idea for kids to color their little house. It gives me the idea to give markers to Liam and let him color his cardboard playhouse too.

Our little red-haired boy finds new ways to have fun playing inside his cardboard playhouse every day. One day, he threw all his balloons inside and kicked them around with glee making his own miniature funhouse.

Here’s Liam posing for the camera inside his cardboard playhouse. I wonder where his imagination with the little house will take him next.

Fun Cardboard Box Playhouse
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Fun DIY Cardboard Playhouse made out of washer and dryer boxes makes for a lot of fun for the kids.
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