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Vintage Farmhouse Style Chair Gets A Coastal Makeover

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Vintage Farmhouse Style Chair Gets A Coastal Makeover

If you’re anything like me you like looking at all the beautiful painted furniture everywhere. My favorite colors are the blues, especially coastal blues and whites. Plus when I see Shabby Chic and beachy furniture I fall in love. When Dixie Belle Paint Company gave me the opportunity to try their paint I was elated. I had a little farmhouse style chair in mind. 

Vintage Farmhouse Style Chair Gets A Coastal Makeover with Dixie Belle Paint Here is a bit about Dixie Belle Paint from their site.

Dixie Bell is a chalk mineral paint company which has superb adhesive qualities allowing you to paint over practically anything without any sanding, priming or prep work, and it will stay put! Simply clean and paint! Dixie Belle Paint enjoys a gorgeous matte finish and distresses beautifully. They have 42 stunning colors from neutral whites and grays to saturated blues and purples. No sanding or priming needed. This paint can be used on almost any surface; wood, metal, glass, laminate, ceramic and even fabric!


Dixie Belle Sea Glass Mineral PaintIt did not take me long to pick out this serene Sea Glass paint color.

I just had to choose their Fluff because I love the name and wanted to see what this fluffy white looks like.

Dixie Belle Paint Fluff - HousekaboodleFluff is an even brighter white than the Fusion Mineral white paint I used on my piano transformation.

Vintage Farmhouse Style chair before makeover Here is my old chair that’s been in the basement waiting for a makeover. I have no memory where this spindle-back chair came from, but knew it could be painted into something special. It was pretty dirty since it was often a handyman catch-all and step stool. After cleaning, I was ready to start painting.

Even though Dixie Belle sent me their paint to use for my chair, this is 100% my own opinion.

Spindleback Farmhouse style chair painted Dixie Belle FluffTwo coats of Fluff covered the chair more than enough. A fun tip on Dixie Belle site said when doing spindles to put a rubber glove on your hand and cover it with an old sock. Then dip the sock into the paint and grab the spindle and cover it with the paint. I used this technique on the first coat. It was easier and faster for me to paint the spindles and chair legs using this technique.

Dixie Belle Paint white washed with sea glass and fluffI wanted the Fluff to show through along the grooves so I lightly dry painted two coats of Sea Glass using fast vertical strokes. That way, the blue paint naturally didn’t land inside the grooves. This worked as well for the lower horizontal bar brushing fast horizontally.

Dixie Bell Paint Company Clear Coat - HousekaboodleTwo coats of Dixie Belle Clear Coat gave the chair a nice sheen. I barely used any of this satin finish. Following the directions just use a small amount on each area. Let it dry for an hour and apply another coat.

What I want you to know is this. Dixie Belle Paint is by far the best paint I have tried. I love this paint and will use it again and again. Not only does it give fantastic coverage, like no other, but it is super tough like alligator skin. As a matter of fact, they happen to have a sealer called Gator that my blog friends say is the No. 1 best they have used on their furniture. If you have kids or want to paint a table, you will want to use this durable paint for your project. I am now a serious fan of Dixie Paint. Once you paint there is no way to sand it off unless you use the recommended grit which I believe is 60 grit paper.

Vintage Farmhouse Style Chair Makeover with Dixie Belle Sea Glass and Fluff White - HousekaboodleI am so in love with how serene and dreamy my little chair turned out.

Vintage Farmhouse Style Chair is painted with Dixie Belle Sea Glass and Fluff - Housekaboodle

Vintage Farmhouse Style Chair Gets a Makeover with Dixie Belle Paint Fluff and Sea Glass - HousekaboodleI can’t say enough about how much I like Sea Glass and Fluff, especially the sea glass that gave my Farmhouse style chair such a beautiful coastal look.

Vintage Farmhouse Style Chair Gets a Dixie Belle Paint Makeover - HousekaboodleHead over to Dixie Belle Paint Company and see all their colors and sealers plus they have many tutorial videos to watch.

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