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  1. Thank you so much Anj = I always love hearing from you.

  2. Fabulous job on these shades Sue. I love the custom look they are stunning now.

  3. Judy Kent says:

    Hi Barbara, so the fork is placed under the roller, after the shade is pulled all the way down? Thanks

  4. Hi Judy, the fork idea came from another reader of this post in reply to you so that person was sharing her idea of what she does to tighten up the spring. Youtube is a great idea.

  5. Judy Kent says:

    was that fork idea in response to my question? I’m confused if so…sorry…Also, these already were installed in my home w no instructions. There may be a youtube video on this so will check but if a fork does the trick, I’m interested..Thanks!

  6. Barbara Hanson says:

    I always use a fork on the flat metal end of the shade. Just rewind it.

  7. We unrolled the shade but either way can be done. Afterwards, we hand rolled it back up and pulled it down and up again to reset the spring and I know we had instructions from the roller shade manufacturer. If I find them I will come back to you, but most shades come with reset the spring instructions. I hope I answered your question for you. Have a nice day.

  8. Judy Kent says:

    this is beautiful. Did you have to unwind the blind first or just
    pull it all the way down while working on it?. I’m concerned that the “spring” won’t allow it to go back up…thanks Sue.

  9. Thank you Susie – I keep looking at them and can’t believe how nice they turned out.

  10. Oh my stars, Sue! These are awesome. Love the soft colors and perfect fit. It is a true custom look. Great job!! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  11. Thank you so so much Carolann. I appreciate and value your opinions so saying the shades look professional and beautiful means everything to me.

  12. They came out beautiful Sue! What a great idea. I paid hundreds for a patterned shade, this is a much better alternative. They look so professional. Love them! Mindblowing! Your level of commitment to this project was obviously to attain perfection which you clearly achieved!

  13. Thank you so much Michelle. You made my day today when I read you nice compliments.

  14. This is the best idea I have ever seen. They certainly look like designer shades. WOW! You are amazing and your house is so beautiful!

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