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How To Design Beautiful Roller Shades with Wallpaper

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How To Design Beautiful Roller Shades with Wallpaper

I used wallpaper to transform my plain white vinyl roller shades and what a difference it made. A nice opportunity came my way to partner with Walls Republic, who are featured on Houzz, Hometalk, StyleatHome and House&Home.

My project began when JC Pennies had their cute fringe edge cut to width vinyl roller shades on sale recently. I ordered them for my bow-window and really liked how they looked. That would have been the end of the story except I decided to give the roller shades a custom look with wallpaper.

It was nice with Walls Republic. They will send you five large samples of your choice which made it easy to find just the right pattern for my roller shades window project.

How To Design Beautiful Roller Shades with Wallpaper - Housekaboodle
Adeline Duck Egg wallpaper SR 1872 from Walls Republic

The wallpaper pattern on my roller shades is Adeline Duck Egg.

* This pattern is now no longer available at Walls Republic. There are wallpaper patterns on Amazon though that are quite pretty like this Gold Regal Damask on Aqua Textured Background wallpaper.

Walls Republic comes in gorgeous patterns and colors and is of the highest quality. I will definitely use their wallpaper again.

Walls Republic:

Walls Republic Home Wallpapers

Walls Republic Home Wallpaper: “Choose from our wide selection of home decor wallpapers with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures for your living, dining, bedroom, kitchen, and any area of your home. Let your wall decor & design stand out with unique residential wallpapers from Walls Republic. Whether you’re looking for traditional, transitional, modern, or contemporary wallpaper styles Walls Republic has it all.

Our residential wallpapers are unmatched, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, offering you the highest quality and most cutting edge designs that are even a step ahead of the latest trends. Be inspired by floral prints, chevrons, trellises, stripes, damasks, faux finishes, geometrics, and unique textures.”

How To Design Beautiful Roller Shades with Wallpaper - Housekaboodle

It took me some time to find these whimsical roller shade with fringe. I think JC Penny might be phasing them out so if you happen to like this style now is the time to order before they are gone.

Design Your Own Roller Shades with Wallpaper:

First I rolled out the shade length to cover the window when pulled all the way down and measured that length and I added six inches to make sure no white shade color would show when pulling the shade up and down. Then I cut the wallpaper length to match.

After I marked the length and squared it off, I cut five wallpaper lengths for each window.

Then I laid the wallpaper out onto the roller shade to mount it for the paste or glue.

After drawing a pencil line for X marks the spot, I taped and masked both ends of the shade to protect those areas from the glue.

3M Neoprene Rubber and Vinyl 98 Spray Adhesive

I tried regular wallpaper paste and it did not stick to the shades. Maybe because they are vinyl. I used 3M Neoprene 98 Vinyl and Rubber Adhesive since it is for vinyl and it worked very well. P.S. If you use this glue make sure to shake it up well and test spray on cardboard to make sure it sprays evenly.

Ask your wallpaper dealer for guidance for proper adhesive. Some papers come pre-glued and need only to be dampened and others call for paste.

After applying the glue I laid the wallpaper in place by sticking down each corner…

and squeegeed the entire roller shade area and then gluing down across the top and bottom openings; this helped to have fewer bubbles. First I suggest to squeegee the wallpaper side…..

Since there are two sides to a shade I also squeegeed the other side to get rid of air bubbles on that side too. That was all there was to it. I hung up them up and am amazed at the dramatic difference.

How To Design Beautiful Roller Shades with Wallpaper - Housekaboodle

I love how the Adeline Duck Egg pattern looks with my blue curtains.

How To Design Beautiful Roller Shades with Wallpaper - Housekaboodle
How To Design Beautiful Roller Shades with Wallpaper - Housekaboodle

Now my window shades look like I spent a lot of money on a home decorator.

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DIY Roller Shades with Wallpaper - Housekaboodle. Transform plain roller shades into custom shades with wallpaper

I hope you enjoyed seeing my roller shades with wallpaper and inspired you to do your own designer window treatments.

Walls Republic sponsored this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Head over to Walls Republic to see their Home Wallpaper, murals and gallery of ideas.

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