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For Sale: A House Built Like A Castle

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Here is a house built like a castle for sale. All it lacks is a water moat and Rapunzel’s hair.  The house is a site to see and I am excited to show you the home today.

The listing calls this house “fairy tale living at its finest with 8800 square feet of spectacular and breathtaking conceptual living.  This home has amenities and luxuries too numerous to mention, all in a timeless setting designed to stimulate your senses.  You will absolutely love this home!  Hand-scraped Walnut Hardwood Floors, 6 Bay Garage, Solarium, Courtyard Living. and an Au Pair/Related Living Space.”

It has 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, was built in 2008 and is listed $1,249,999.  You’ll see as you scroll through this castle home tour what the agent means by conceptual living.

I took a ride and got some photos back in 2013, but my photos were not very clear.

I’ve shared fairytale castles and homes lately and this house built like a castle is a must see to believe.

House built like a castle for saleThe walkway from the driveway to the front door of this house looks like a moat. You can’t drive by this home without gawking, not that I would ever do that.

House built like a castle on the exterior and interior.

See inside this house built like a castle

Real conceptual living in the kitchen surrounded by bricks like in a real castle. I like the coffee-themed island chairs that are similar to a kitchen and chair set on Coffee Themed Kitchen.

See inside this house built like a castleIf we look close there is a mural of a kingdom above the cooking area and what do you think is in the island? Is it a dishwasher, oven or warming oven? I count 5 hanging chandeliers in this photo alone.

Inside Castle House Warrenville, IL for sale is very king and queen-likePlenty of open space to mill around waiting for the king and queen to arrive.

Spiral staircase in house built like a castle Warrenville ILNo castle should be without a fairytale spiral staircase and Tudor castle doors.

Inside a house built like a castle for sale

Marvelous home in Warrenville IL for sale is a house buile like a castle

Marvelous concept home in Warrenville IL for sale is a house buile like a castle

King size bathroom inside Castle house Warrenville IL for saleKing sized room for two shower area.

Top of Spiral Staircase Castle house for sale in IL

Inside a house built like a castle for saleIt doesn’t say and I can’t tell by looking at the home if the little doors above open or if there is access to the balconies.  The doors may just be decorative?

Double deckier full sized washer and dryer Castle house for sale ILTwo full-sized double-deckers, double-duty washer, and dryer in the laundry room.

There is also a media room, finished basement, and other rooms and photos of the home to see Daniel and Assoc Real Estate.

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