Victorian Houses Are Eye Candy

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Victorian Houses Are Eye Candy

Wouldn’t it be grand if new houses today were built with the character and details of Victorian houses, well, I suppose they aren’t because of cost.. They were popular during the reign of Queen Victoria around 1830 to 1901, so this style comes from history and is not really a style, but I don’t really care about that, to me, it is a Style.   There are many Victorian Societies in America.

I wanted to share with you my love for the style of Victorian houses including their arches, irregular shapes, textured shingles, elaborate eye candy details, wrap around porches, round towers with cone-shaped roofs, bay windows, porches on the second level, the Victorian gingerbread, and they are often painted in pretty lady colors.

Victorian Houses Are Eye Candy

The victorian house is in Texas and has gingerbread and the two colors of creamy yellow and dark red shutters are mesmerizing.  On the bottom right, I notice the yellow sun detail work done within the porch railing.

Victorian Houses Are Eye Candy - Love this classy Victorian house

I don’t know exactly where this house is, perhaps by the water because there is a whale weather vane on top.  It may be in Port Townsend, Washington.   High-pitched roofs are another attribute of Victorian houses.

Victorian Houses Are Eye Candy

Victorian house painted in a beautiful color, (one of my favorite colors) with beautiful gingerbread details, round tower and cone-shaped roof.  I could not like this one more!  I know, it is not a home and appears to be an office, but it is simply too beautiful to not show.

Victorian Houses Are Eye Candy - this one in San Francisco is full of character and intrigue

A victorian house that was peeling and derelict and then restored in the late 90s.  Victorian houses are usually three levels.  This house is full of character and intrigue, like I want to see what the cone-shaped rooms look like inside.  I want to live here I think, but with an elevator please, especially after going up the front steps.  It could happen, elevators are installed into homes more and more these days as baby boomers age and want to stay in their homes.  Elevators are now an option that even new home builders are offering.

Victorian house TV show Charmed

This is the house from the TV show Charmed.  I never saw this show, but just had to include it for the fans of the show for a trip down memory lane.

Mrs. Doubtfire movie  house

Another memorable Victorian house is from the movie Mrs. Doubtfire where the family lived.   This house is located in San Francisco at the corner of Steiner and Broadway which was not hard for me to figure out by the picture.

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams, from a scene in the movie walking along the sidewalk to the house.

Victorian house Mrs. Doubtfire

I liked this house the minute I saw it in the movie, especially the inside and I should probably do a Mrs. Doubtfire movie post.  Looks like some work was being done to the middle window above.

Very classy Red Victorian house in Port Townsend, WA (IMG_6634a)

Lastly, is this classy grand home in Port Townsend, Washington.  Port Townsend is a Victorian Seaport with maritime heritage and is full of romantic Victorian homes and has a National Historic District.  You have to scroll up and down to enjoy the full grandeur of this home.  I again see gingerbread sun work on the porch roof.  Enjoy, and tell me which of these houses is your favorite and I will tell you mine.

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