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A Castle For Sale called Dunham Castle

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A historic castle for sale in Wayne, Illinois is called Dunham Castle and is a landmark there.  I used to drive by it often while working years ago and was infatuated with it.  Around that same time I read that a person I had gone to elementary school with had purchased the castle and would be living there with his wife and children, imagine that.

Dunham Castle For saleThe castle sits on historic property in Wayne which is a small affluent village in a western suburb of Chicago that I consider a horse farm community.

It was built in 1883 by Mark Dunham who inherited 2,000 acres from his father.  He breed horses known as French Percheron which is like a draft horse, you know, the big horses for farming, and was a successful breeder in the early 20th century.

The castle is Norman French châteaux style and “With the assistance of Smith Hoag, an Elgin architect, the 3 story limestone and brick home was decorated with the finest parquet floors, statues, tapestries, and artwork. The spacious public rooms on the main floor and the third floor ballroom hosted the many extravagant entertainments so beloved during the Victorian era.” – Fox Valley Real Estate

Upon Mark Dunham’s death his son Wirth inherited the castle.  Imagine yourself inheriting a castle… 

When Wirth died, the land was sold off for development and “Most of what is now known as the Village of Wayne was zoned in minimum four acre parcels to preserve a sophisticated and yet rural equestrian life style.” -Fox Valley Real Estate

Yeah, I remember when driving around Wayne being in awe at the large lots with horses, fences, and beautiful homes.  I compare it to what I think of when imaging Kentucky Horse Farms.

Dunham Castle has changed hands over the years.  In 1953 it was turned into four spacious apartments, then it was looked into to becomes a museum, professional offices or a private dining club; of which never happened.  Over the past 25 years a lot of effort has been made to rebuild the home from the inside out for preservation.

This historic castle can be yours for the current price of $1,800,000.  It is 3 stories and has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and is 8,215 square feet.

Dunham CastleYou can see it needs tender loving care.

Dunham Castle interior

inside of Dunham Castle

Dunham Castle interior viewThe listing doesn’t give information about which room is which here and I am sorry to not see the rooms within the turrets.

A castle for sale in Wayne IllinoisBeautiful stairway with probably no elevator installed in the 3 story castle.

Castle For Sale called Dunham CastleDunham Castle sits on 15 acres and as you can see above, any buyer will need to do a lot of renovation and the “structure needs significant investment.”  “Only serious castle buyers need apply.” -Baird & Warner

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