Colored Kitchen Cabinets

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Colored kitchen cabinets available today are stunning. I admire the creativity of someone who has painted their cabinets to change the look and feel of their kitchen.

There are many awe-inspiring kitchens to see online.  Mostly, they are white like the white-on-white kitchen I posted about called Elegant White Kitchen Cabinets, or they are wood as so many are on Houzz.  This is a look at color in the kitchen with the cabinets taking front seat.  A popular trend in kitchens lately is wood or white cabinets with a colored island and there are some excellent examples shown.

The robin egg blue cabinets are soft, soothing and so very inviting and a color not often seen on kitchen cabinets.  Do you like colored kitchen cabinets or do you just like wood cabinets like oak or cherry?  There is a poll below about which of the colored cabinets is your favorite so be sure to vote.

Robin egg blue colored kitchen cabinets
blue kitchen island colored kitchen cabinets

Robin egg blue island combined with white.  I want to paint the rest of the kitchen cabinets robin egg blue too.  If your favorite color is blue, it means you love harmony, are capable, reliable, and sensitive.  Vote for your favorite colored kitchen cabinets below.

yellow colored kitchen cabinets

Yellow with a robin egg blue and/or blue-gray walls and island.

yellow kitchen cabinet
soft yellow cabinets

Soft yellow kitchen cabinets are especially popular.  If yellow is your favorite color, you are creative, artistic, social, and love to create.  Careful though, some tones of yellow are reported to be over stimulating.

creamy yellow kitchen cabinets

The accent color of green looks especially nice with the yellow.

cream colored cabinets

Cream is a safe alternative if you are afraid of colored kitchen cabinets, and this kitchen is charming and elegant at the same time.

green cabinets

They say people are more relaxed in green rooms.

green kitchen cabinets image

Green means new beginnings and new life.  If your favorite color is green, you are probably emotional, caring, and aware of those around you.

aqua kitchen cabinets image

I have always loved the color turquoise or aqua.  What a wonderfully colored kitchen to wake up to everyday.

turquoise kitchen cabinets image

Turquoise represents water.  If your favorite color is turquoise then you are friendly, approachable, caring, and easy to communicate with.

pink kitchen cabinets image

Pink retro-type colored kitchen cabinets.  Pink is also thought to have a calming effect.  If your favorite color is pink you are calm, sensitive, and caring, and generally dislike controversy of any kind.

red kitchen cabinets

Red is the most emotionally intense color.  It is the color of love, joy, and bravery.

red cabinets

Red gets noticed.  If you love the color red it means you love life and are determined.

black cabinets

I really like these black cabinets for their drama.  Black is the color of authority and power.  If your favorite color is black it probably means you are artistic and sensitive.

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  1. Ooh, a beach house with turquoise cabinets, that is heaven to think about. Almost as nice as Hydrangeas. Turquoise is No. 2 in the poll.

  2. Great post! Lots of inspiration…I am leaning towards the black but in the right house- a red kitchen is AMAZING!

  3. Blessings back to you Shari. Nothing wrong with maple, but I know what you mean. The Robin’s Egg blue haunts me in my dreams because I think it looks so wonderful. My cabinets are Hickory and I love them too though.

  4. Hi Dhara, the Aqua are a favorite of mine too. Stop back when you are done and share a pic if you like, I would love to see your finished cabinets. I like your 2 days, 2 people, and 20 cabinets 🙂

  5. Colored cabinets completely change the look, and are so easy to do/inexpensive way to revamp your kitchen. This is one of my summer projects this year! I am so loving the Aqua color, very soothing and pleasant to the eyes. The current ones in my kitchen are Oak and I have been wanting to change them since a long time. I believe 2 days should be enough for 2 people to paint about 20? Thanks for sharing!

  6. The colors available for cabinets these days really are amazing. Like you, I admire anyone who paints their kitchen cabinets.

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