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  1. Nice that you have a memory of those shelves. I guess that was the beginning of … open shelving – LOL

  2. That red stove!!!

    I reminisced over the second pic with the rounded built in shelves. We lived in a house with those in the kitchen

  3. I adore the red oven too. It is something to think about for the future.

  4. Love them all, Sue! The kitchen with the molding on the floorboard is blowing me away! I also love the red oven and mixer to match. A girl can dream!

  5. Yes those shelves! Done with cleaning grout; I did not think of that about the cleaning part…enlightening. We all need maids!

  6. These are so cheery and cute – I’m also loving the first kitchen. The concrete countertops are always a favorite of mine. The yellow/black kitchen is cute too, but I’m done with cleaning grout – lol. Those shelves are certainly a throwback to a different era – no?

  7. You always have the most interesting comments Debra. Thank you.

  8. Hi Abigail, so nice of you to say! I am coming over to visit you now.

  9. These kitchens are so cheerful, Sue! Such soothing colors make the counter stools the perfect spot for enjoying that morning beverage with the sun streaming through the windows.


  10. Oh my goodness I adore that first kitchen! The blue with the red accents and the Coca Cola stools? To. die. for.

  11. I get tired of boring kitchens including my own and these cheer me up! I am coming over to see you now Ann.

  12. Those kitchens are gorgeous
    love their colors
    and the liveliness of those spaces.

  13. Thanks so much Cheryl. I am coming over to see you now.

  14. Love the retro look- but not the Coke stools- TOO retro. These are wonderful examples of how RETRO can be done. Well chosen Sue. You’ve got a great eye!

  15. I so agree with you Sarah. I especially like the first kitchen.

  16. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Those retro kitchens are to die for Sue! So sweet and soooo well done! I think more architect/designers should be going for that retro look in old houses, rather than a modern look.

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