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Fun Retro Kitchens

You will just love all these fun retro kitchens like this whimsical, cottage-like, fun retro kitchen. The cabinets are custom-made and the countertops are concrete.  “The refrigerator is an 18.2 cubic foot retro Northstar refrig in Robin’s Egg Blue.  It is retro 50s on the outside and 21st-century features and efficiency on the inside.”  The backsplash is tumbled glass. The floor is called yellow pine, and the appliances are “Elmira.”

I could spend many happy hours in this kitchen for sure.

Fun Retro Kitchens - Houzz by New York Architect Knight Architects LLC

This is a Gourmet retro kitchen via Houzz by Mahoney Architects and Interiors. “The kitchen has custom-made legs around the baseboard that gives the retro kitchen a bit more of a furniture look.”
This kitchen reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen.
Gourmet Retro Kitchen - Houzz

Be still my heart for this “Colorful English Farmhouse that was designed around a Wedgewood stove in a 1920s brick English farmhouse. Custom Retro Kitchen - Houzz

There are a lot of fun retro kitchens with photos and designs to save to idea books on Houzz that includes one of my favorite ideas, colored appliances. Fun Retro Kitchens have colorful appliances that make your kitchen unforgettable.The pop of color on this red oven and the red refrigerator is so energizing and happy. Fun retro kitchens - I love this colorful orange-red refrigerator

Fun Retro Kitchens - Houzz
Photo by Meredith Ericksen 
The thing I like about all of these fun retro kitchens with colored appliances is that they are not cookie-cutter kitchens. Guests will likely remember your kitchen as someplace very special.Sue - Housekaboodle
Toronto Home is a 1960s Decorating Time Capsule

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